It's been a while :)

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  1. Hello EMC, I doubt you all remember me. I used to be a Panda who ate ramen. :)

    I spent six months without internet, lost so much stuff, somewhat trapped in someone's home, lived in a motel, spent a lot of time trying to build things back up. When I finally was able to get back online, I then got extremely burnt out and frustrated with how things were going, people's attitudes, losing people I cared about, things being promised that never showed up. I just stopped signing in at one point but still voted to keep my res and stuff. I went on to be Admin on a small server, that ended when I took time off for depression and the owner just shut the server down. I eventually stopped voting, then altogether just stopped. RIP res and everything. I played other games, at one point just stopped gaming and spent all my time on Reddit. I'm now LeadMod on another server where I spend most of my time, Not advertising, that's rude. But I come here when I need a break and want to just play, or see what's going on because I miss it.

    But I do hop on EMC to check things out :).

    I don't even know who is who anymore. I can pick out a few of you, but others I'm lost. But hey, that's what happens with change huh? Congrats to those of you who made it to staff and higher in staff ranks, build team etc. It's hard, but rewarding work :). A lot of people don't even understand what goes into being staff. Hello to those of you who joined in my absence. Welcome back to those of you who came back to EMC :). I hope to see you all around.
  2. Wb panda :) Been a while.
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  3. Yes it has. :) And Thanks.
  4. I've never seen or heard of you until now, so nice to meet you! I hope to see you from time to time :D
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  5. Sorry you had to go through all that trouble :\
    Hope things are getting better. I remember you from around this Christmas maybe?
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  6. Glad to see you back! Love the name change
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  7. I remember you! But alas, I too am under a new name.
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  8. You're always welcome on EMC. I know of fewer nicer, more helpful members, who were more of a positive presence than you.

    Another thing: Simx (formerly Samsimx) recently left. He was President of EMC, as decided by an election I ran, so there is now a vacancy. Perhaps we could convert to a monarchy, and establish you as Queen of EMC? ;)
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  9. Welcome back Panda, it's good to see you. I don't post to these forums often, or play anymore, but you were a great friend of mine :)
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  10. I remember you. :) Welcome back, Xinn (or, as I know you, Panda. ;))
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  11. Welcome to EMC again
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  12. Hey dude.... Long time no see.

    Wow... Memories xD
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  13. Hi Xinn. Nice to meet you. Welcome back. :)
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