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  1. So,

    It's finally my 365th day on the empire! :D So I am going to make the longest post I will probably ever write. :p So if you really want to read it please do. It't could be very interesting...

    So basically, in late January I was watching my friend(hippie125) play on this server with his friend. This server looked really cool. Everyone had their own 60 x 60 plot of land that they could do anything on. So my friend was helping his friend deliver sheep to to someone as this was before egging. So they were trying to get these sheep to walk along the road to another res, something which is not possible now. And as they walked past people came out of their res's to watch this parade of sheep. It looked like an awesome place. And so I decided that when I got minecraft I would join this server. So I found out it was Empire Minecraft server smp2. So I came to this website and before I even had minecraft I knew almost all the commands and rules and other random things like that.

    Then in mid March I got my friend(Min_Miner) onto EMC and he joined smp7 and I watched him play over skype. Finally in late March I got Minecraft. And the first thing I did was sign up to EMC and then I joined smp7, passed the tutorial and got a res next to Min_Miner's. Now that first time I was on I think JustinGuy was on, but I didn't know how amazing that was then. So I got my res then bought heaps of fence from /shop because I was a noob and put up a fence around my res. So I then made a small shop on my res and I began building my skyscraper. I planned to have it finished my Christmas but if you visit my res you will see that never happened...

    So I was not very active on the forums in those first few days. I made two threads the day after I joined. Both of which people didn't respond to, too well. My first one was about my skyscraper and got a reply by Justin saying to post pictures. And then Aikar moved it from creations to discussion. I was not too active on the forums until may but I'll tell you why later. So I spent time with my friends, Luke4214 joined on the 26th, and my other friend who is now known as becsim1. So we spent time building and messing around. I decided then that I would make a company. Some of you know about it. It was called Miner CO. I planned to do heaps of things with it. It failed...

    On May 15th I was browsing the forums and I came across a thread name "smp7 Jungle Outpost". So I took a look and it was 15 pages long and it was for a wild outpost. So I decided to join thinking it would be cool. I made the journey over land to the LLO and made a base there for Miner Co. So I spent lots of time at the LLO. I hosted a party in late may in the newly built town hall. It was around this time that the LLO became famous for it's massive lighting strikes. So on May 31 SecretAznEks posted about his idea to have a Jobs website like the EMC Shop catalogue. This is were I got to know Copherfield. Our planning didn't go to well and Copherfield took over. And when he left he left Secret a website that he didn't know how to use in a single way.I t might even still be there...

    So later in June I was going to hold another party at the recently restored LLO Bar. But then I got sick and I couldn't. So people in the LLO made potions of healing for me. So I went away for three weeks and then came back. So I planned to hold another party at the LLO. zulu couldn't come so he was going to give me his music disc collection. But I never got it after what happened next. I saw zulu on the map and decided to join to say hey. I joined I was just outside my house, but it wasn't there. There was fire everywhere. This was the LLO's first major griefing. But we managed to find the griefer and get him banned in under 30 minutes. but after that the LLO has never fully recovered. We have been majorly griefed multiple times now. So I also got gold supporter around that time. And it was then I became a really active forum member. And then not too many interesting things happened after that.

    Now since August or something kman122000 had been planning an LLOlympics. I was going to build the stadium. It was meant to be on October 1 but land clearing for the stadium hadn't even begun. But later in October I got the help of Bu11dawg and he helped clear and flatten the land. He actually did most of it, so I am very grateful. I then began building the stadium with heaps of stone from Jakres. And I managed to build it by mid January. It's fitted with a lot of seat. Will have to count it one day. It also has a huge firework display system. So we hosted the LLOlympics which failed anyway as not many people came to the events. We never even had a closing ceremony. But it was fun.

    So I then started the Sunstreak Islands with Penfoldex, Jakres and jimbonothing64. We built it up and it is an awesome outpost now. I also started the Outpost Empire with nfell2009 but that didn't last too long as he was banned. And he hasn't put too much censoring on his opinion of Aikar and Maxarias. But anyways. I played a bit more and am now here. With 2,874 posts and 2,325 likes at the time of this writing.

    So a few people to mention:
    JustinGuy - Amazing Server!
    IcecreamCow - For being the best cow admin!
    GameKibJeremy - For being IcecreamCow :p
    Aikar - For all his work.
    Maxarias - For 'allowing' me use her skin for Jack's videos :p
    nfell2009 - RIP
    JackBiggin - For random things and the Wiki!
    PandasEatRamen - For being a good friend :D
    Dwight5273 - For some fun times at the LLO.
    Jakres - All that stone...
    zulu9 - For creating the LLO
    SoulPunisher - Um... Like you said I honestly don't know how I got to know you.
    Penfoldex- Um... It's a mix of things.
    jimbonothing64 - For helping out at the Sunstreak Islands
    Bu11dawg - Clearing all that land
    btribble - All those late night conversations
    NINJATTILA - Just messing around, I only got to know you at the Sunstreak Islands.
    Mrlegitislegit - For the protests at the LLO and some other things.
    SecretAznEks - It's been so long :p
    Southpark347 - For those christmas presents :D
    AlexChance - Those times at 4005 :p
    jaari - You actually came to my party at the LLO :D
    BilboBaggins23 - I've done a few things with you at the LLO.
    Shavingfoam - For helping me with my PHP problems and for some fun times at the LLO.
    Luke4214 - Your an IRL friend do you need this? :p
    kman122000 - The LLOlympics idea. It was fun. :D
    Every good member at the LLO!!! :D

    I'll add more people as I think of them.

    So I hope I have an interesting history! Also if you want to ask a question go ahead!
  2. Charmander, Bublasaur or Squirtle?
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  3. um... :p
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  4. Happy one year!

    Icecream or Cow?
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  5. Both combined!
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  6. Ermehgerd.

    I got a shout-out :D Congrats on your 1 year, btw.
  7. *Doesn't see name on list.*


    Happy one year!

    What would you rather have, a cake that looks like a cupcake, or a cupcake that looks like a cake?
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  8. Yeah Jakres just reminded me. I have a long list :p

    Also a cupcake that looks like a cake. It would look cute. :p
  9. smp7 had to crash during my party :(
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  10. I was there for the LLOlympics opening ceremony, that was a great night. Unfortunately I could not make it to most of the events because of real life, its a shame we didn't get to do a closing ceremony and more events.
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  11. You did?! I did too o_o
    And the ONLY server I cant go on is smp7... :( Whyyy...
  12. Are you still a sheep leader?
    Did you lied to me that you actually killed the blue sheep?
    Was your plan to crash the server?
    How on earth i was mentioned 3 times?
    Why I'm i even question you all these questions?
    Are you Mexican guy?
    Do you like to do things against your own orders?
    Also first and only Estonian friend which makes me sorta special?
  13. "mix of things":rolleyes:
    Happy one year on EMC, blah blah blah.:p
    What's your favorite outpost you've been at?
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  14. The LLO. By far. It's the best place ever. Even if it is not so active.
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  15. What's the deal with the "Crazy1080!!!" option?
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  16. Wasn't it you saying every good poll had a random option? So I added one. :p
  17. Good Times ...
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  18. Me and your other "real life friends" salute you.
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