it's been A month from the date I joined EMC!

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  1. Hi everyone! my name is kyukyu99 have a residence in smp5! you can call me kyu(sounds like Q) if its easier! I'm originally from Japan and living US now. LOOOVE to dig and mining! (not good at building...)
    I've just realized it's been a month since I joined this server. I almost log in every day! I'm so happy I could meet this great server (thank you hiko_bellick for taking me here!)I have enjoyed so much and thank you for all people who helped me when I started! It was really heartwarming and made me like EMC more!
    and this is my first post at forum! (yay) hopefully I can participate in the community more

    I spend most of the time in smp6 with my friend Hiko-san in the island but just made a mini shop in smp5 too! I like to collect clays and nether blocks so if you are interested in, please visit kyukyu99's resident~! (and see my random tree resident lol)

    I hope I can join some events and contests in the future... I'm bit shy tho... haha

    thank you for reading!
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  2. hello! :)
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  3. great to see some new players posting and introducing themselves around here. puts their name out there and opens things up to meet new friends which will make time here on emc even better. welcome to emc and hope you stay for a long time
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  4. Welcome to EMC :) Im glad you've been enjoying it so far. I'll be sure to swing by your shop and say hello sometime.
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  5. Welcome to EMC, and congrats on 1 month! :)
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  6. Welcome Kyu! Hope you have a great time on this server. (Coming close to 3 years for me) I'll see you around
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  7. Welcome Kyu, hope you enjoy your time here on EMC :D
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  8. Welcome to the forums Kyu.
  9. I'm glad that you've decided to stick with EMC and, like the rest of us, you really enjoy it. :) I hope to see more of you in our fantastic community! I don't believe I've spoken to you, so, though it's been a month, welcome to the Empire! :p
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  10. thank you everyone!!! I hope to see you guys around in the game (and forum communities)!!