It's a Trap!

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  1. Alrighty everyone, so this has been on my head for a very long time. We citizens at EMC sponser ourselves, saying that "We have over 60,000 members"

    I think that instead of having people figure out that about 59,000 of them are dirlect, banned or inactive, we should advertise with something like, "Close-knit community!"

    Plus, look at the poor non-recommended servers!
    so sad
    much lonely
    very silence
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  2. I have to agree.. 60k members but how many are active and spread out :/
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  3. It looks like lots of people have their res on one smp but are active on another for business.
    I am guilty of this... Residence on smp8, best place to be, but I am active on smp3 because of farms and more businessy-fun-stuffz.
    How might we fix this?
    And I couldn't agree more. My friend of 500 days told me he was leaving EMC because he was bored BECAUSE other people he had made friends with on EMC left as well :/ .

    I might start telling new members to check out the forums to get them interested. :)
  4. Why don't the mods/admins have some kind of 100 day inactive res removal policy? I know this would be difficult but it would help with having space for all the new people. If you remember the point where we had no available res's you will realize eventually people will be sick of paying 5k and we will run out of open res's when we are getting more derelict ones.
    I want to point out that I in no way expect this to happen but it would make it easier for new players as well as well known members. Some might say 100 days isn't enough time but that is 1/3 of a year almost.
    Sorry if you think I wasting time. Just thought I'd share my opinion on the matter at hand!
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  5. Your signature... Is wonderful!
    I say the players ought to recommend different smps to players, and that is one way to do it. :D
    As far as I know there are a good number of open reses on smp8, and still plenty on other nonrecommended/popular smps. They just need to be recommended in other ways, so why not the people that live there?
  6. Thanks Lucky!
    I hope to get some people to join us on smp8, and maybe to even get us as recommend server for a while...
  7. Wow, I'm actually really surprised by all the positive feedback. Bump :D Also, do you guys agree that newer players should be dragged onto the forums a bit more? It seems that they leave because they have no idea it existed.
  8. I remember when you had to get lucky to get on a server because it was so full, now you have to get lucky to have your server have 30 people on it.
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  9. This.
  10. 1.000 out of 60.000 still here AKA it pretty much means we are the elite. right? I personally think we should fill the population gaps with newbies,
  11. Well, the 1,000 is the people that are like, non-dirlect. We still get around 150 players during any time, which is one player for every 2,500 players that we claim to have. Basically, it seems to be a huge misinterpretation of Emc's population. Also, I think that Emc should be more valued for its community rather its population. We've got a great group of people on every server, and I think that there should be philanthropist awards for each of them.
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  12. I think we should get the mods into this, then divide everybody who s still active into equal numbers on each server...utopia would be a bit of a problem tho aand it would also be a loss of all their work on the i think there should be volunteers to go to less popul ed servers...
  13. If only we had some way to own multiple residences so we can own a res on another server...
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  14. Wait a second... arent the mods able to just copy paste it?
  15. Bump4coolp33ps
  16. they are... for 100k... and im pretty sure on the same server too (dont quote me on that tho)
    EDIT: Sr. Mods not regular mods
  17. Forcibly moving people from there home server would cause riots in the streets. That would not go down well, I for one know if I was forced to move servers I would probably leave EMC. The better way to do it would be to funnel new members evenly to all the smps, which I think is what the staff are trying to accomplish,
  18. too bad they are free to move to any other they want to...
  19. smp2 shibe lonely
    such lonesomee