Items taken from chests sometimes return on their own

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  1. Hey all!

    Sometimes I grab some building materials, brewing ingredients, etc, from a chest and walk away with them in my inventory. Then I go to where I was going to use them, open my inventory, and find that they're gone... and if I go back to the chest I got them from, that's where they are. :confused:

    It happens randomly - I'm afraid I can't figure out exactly how to replicate it!

    Is this a long-standing bug or lag problem? Is there anything I can do to reduce how often it happens? Thanks for any/all input :)
  2. It's been happening for a while. If you listen, you might hear the chest close after you open it. If it does, the items you put in or take out of it won't be there when you are done. Just close it then open it again.
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  3. It's just a lag problem. No big deal. Just restart mc and relog into EMC :)
  4. It is good ol fashioned lag. This is usually a client side network problem, however, more recently there have been some network issues closer to EMC's side. Not usually server lag though, to explain a little.

    Server Side lag - Is usually caused from a server bearing a too heavy load. EMC's servers rarely have this problem.

    Client Side Lag - Is usually caused by multiple programs running on your computer, low memory, or just a slow internet connection.

    Cloud Lag - This is all of the stuff in between EMC's servers and you. Which, if you have a super awesome internet connection with nothing else going on, is usually the problem. While EMC provides top of the line equipment for you guys to play on, we can not control the network behavior past those machines. Moderators have a nice way of tracking how well the servers are actually functioning lag wise, and we will always be happy to tell you if lag you are experiencing is server side. But most of the time, the lag is going to be caused by network issues out of everyones control. The best the EMC team can do is complain about it to people, but that rarely gets anything done :p.
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  5. Thanks for your responses, everyone! I suspected it might be a lag problem. I will try Pab's suggestion and listen for the chest closing as soon as it opens :)
  6. I noticed that this usually occurs when you right click a chest more than once, then sorting your inventory. On SSP, there isn't any delay when opening a chest, thus this issue will never occur. However on SMPs, sometimes there will be a lag whenever interacting with blocks such as chests, furnaces, crafting tables, etc.

    The best way to avoid this, is to always re-open the chest that you have just used, to "update" your inventory. If the issue occurred, your inventory will "update" and roll back to before opening the chest.