item vanishing bug

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by alecma, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. i talked to Manchildie and he didnt now wat to do i was of the server and wen i got on all my items in the inventory ware vanished i losat fully enchanted dpick,dsword and a bow plz tell me how do i get my itens back
  2. Did you change servers? If you did, go back to the server you were on initially and they should be there
  3. I find no evidence of a server bug. What I find is evidence that while you were mining in the waste you fell in lava and then tried to run back to spawn to save yourself. Your items were either burnt up, despawned or picked up by another player that happened on them after you left.

    As an info point in case you have not seen the latest updates. Use /deathlog to find where you died so you can retrieve your things that get dropped on death.

  4. hmmm, check /vault, if its not there do /deathlog as MrSocks stated and try to retrieve the items
  5. Which SMP did you die on?