Item repairing needed.

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  1. I am looking to hire someone to repair my many enchanted items for me so I can sell or use them. We can discuss payment but i will provide everything but the levels needed to repair. So basically i am just looking for someone with an exp farm that will repair a bunch of stuff for me. Be warned there is a lot of stuff, however, i do not need it all done right away. Msg me in game or on the forums if you are interested.
  2. what smp are you on i am on 2 and could do some of it for you. I am logging off now but will be back on tomorrow.
  3. I'd love to do this, I have 3 working xp farms and plenty of time
  4. I would love to do this too
  5. What's the pay? ^.^
  6. I could show you an xp farm instead of repairing it all for you? (It also includes gold, ender pearls, iron ingots, and blaze rods) Most people know about it :p PM me on the forums to know when we can meet up :)