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  1. Everyone got something they don't like to do, even when playing a video game like minecraft. This one thing a lot of poeple are just too lazy to do is....I'm sure you know....oh well if you really want me to tell you, it's of course FIXING ALL THOSE PICKS AND PIECES OF ARMOR! No one likes that and I'm here to save all of you guys from that lame boring task! But it comes at a cost, here they are.

    But first, the service is new and can be subject to chances very fast. It will not be super fast since I have to see if my farms can keep up and some stuff like that.

    MAIL FEE NOT HANDLED : After mailling your item, please pay the mail fee for me to send them back or make a access chest for me. (in this service it can drain a lot of my money).

    PRICE OF DIAMOND : 120r (determinates the cost of the tools/armor/weapons) (bows are free).

    Can be updated without warning if the cap goes higher.
    XP PRICES (each) :
    Stage 1 = 7 lvls = 100r (xp confirmed)
    Stage 2 = 17 lvls = 500r (xp confirmed)
    Stage 3 = 29 lvls = 750r (xp confirmed)
    Stage 4 = 39 lvls = 1500r (xp confirmed)
    Stage 5 = LOOP (thx to aikar fixing the anvils unless It's not true) (not done yet)

    I'm taking only 2 39 lvl repairs per order.


    - I do not take any wood, stone, iron, gold tools since it's not worth repairing.
    - Unknown mailed objects will be mine if you didin't respect the service's apply form. (below)
    - After 2 days, if not payed, you are reported. (mail fee, diamond fee or xp fee not payed)
    - After 7 days, if staff actions didin't do a thing, the item is mine forever.

    - You can mail me the object used as a sacrifice to remove diamond fee.
    - This service is new, things might change without warning!
  2. --[+]--ORDER FORMS***--[+]--

    - Always done in imbox, in the way below or else it's ignored.**
    - Item(s) (shovel-axe-pickaxe-sword-helmet-chestplate-legging-boots-bow)
    - Mail(not accepting alts mailling)-Deliver (location)
    - Stage 1-5 (you can find it on the thread)
    - Cost*
    - Sending sacrifice? (same item as the one you want repaired but not encanted)
    ex : a diamond chestplate with prot 4 needs a diamond chestplate normal in order to repair it

    *always wait for my confirmation before sending items and my payment*
    ***Thanks and have a good day :)***
  3. The OP FIXER is now open!
  4. One problem I see is with the "Stages" and the fact that only you know what the Stage will be. Repair costs are per player per item, not universal, so what might be a level 15 repair for me might be a level 3 repair for you, etc.
  5. your telling me the anvil stages resets when i got the gear at hand?
  6. It is player based, so if you get dia picks at a 39, the person sending you a pick will still be a 39

    I think
  7. I'm not sure I follow the question, but I'll do my best to explain.

    Item repair costs are per-player. I could repair an item so the repair cost hits 39, but when I hand the item to you - an item you've never touched - it'll be at the default repair level as if it was brand new. However, when you give it back to me, the cost for me to repair it will still be at 39.
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  8. To quote the Wiki (and the Wiki quoted Aikar =P):

    • Every repair of the item will increase the repair cost for you. You may sell this item to another player, and they will start from 0 on the repair cost.
    • However, if you get the item back from the player, even if they have repaired it themselves, your original repair cost will still be on the item. Repair history is permanent on an item for everyone who has repaired it, even if a player changes their name.
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  9. Everyone begins with stage one even if he got the 39 lvl cap then, kind of useful if someone want to make his tool live longer he can just ask someone else to do it. As for my service I guess 'I could scam' people since they can't know the real stage... The only proof I could send is a pic of the tool in the anvil. Or else I could put a price alone of 500r maybe and not do lvl 39 lvls since it's not worth doing them for only 500r.