Item jump flag.

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  1. Well I just built a stone generator. But the stone keeps on going into the lava. That made me work for 5 min with Diamond Pick Silk touch, efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, for just 10 pieces of stone. I think there should be a item jump flag(if this is possible).This Flag will only be assecced by supporters
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  2. This isn't really possible, but they could implement the items you mine go directly to you inventory as a flag like when you break an item in an item frame and it sent to your inventory. Auto Pick up flag or something.

    Edit: Doubt they will do that though
    Kinda op
  3. hm, k
  4. I don't think this is really needed. It's such a small change it shouldn't even be a flag, like item grouping. Also, if your stone is jumping into lava there might be something wrong with your generator :p
  5. Agreed
  6. This is usually just caused by Aikars hopper changes. You'll just need to try a different design that uses pistons to push the stone away from the lava before you break it :(

    You can also use the great public stone gens out there :)
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  7. Hip Hip Hooray, finally done. got a proper system, one awesome design. thx everybody for the comments!
  8. Nice it was figured out :) I don't think changes to this system would work very well or be necessary, honestly.
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