Item frames underground on res

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  1. Hi, I hope I can explain myself properly about this I was experiencing. Sorry for my bad English.

    I am in the process of expanding my res, by building down ... plans to make an underground forest (it’s going to be super cool with sea lanterns when they come i 1.8)

    I discovered by chance that there will be item frames up and they look coordinated out. Item frames inside keeps everything from cobblestones, sand, to Redstone items and diamond blocks… a lot if frames is empty too. Evidence suggests that all objects can be dug out; it may be a long time.

    I ask in the chat what item frames coordinates are, so might not have to dig the whole res to find it all ... But no one believes me!

    I do not have much experience with minecraft. I have played on this server for a while. After a long break I lost my old res.. and I started on a new one which I am about to grind down
  2. I noticed item frames under one of my residences too, I think it was because of a previous owner. I don't know how quite to explain it as I am not 100% sure on why they are there but I think it is to do with when a previous owner loses the residence and a new person claims it that the item frames kind of glitch and stay there? Not sure.
  3. Item frames are regarded as entities. A fix was put in place a few months ago that deleted entities when the res was reset. Before that, entities (animals, dropped items, item frames, minecarts, etc.) wouldn't get deleted. I believe your res was claimed before that and the previous owner had item frames, so they stayed there.

    I have a bunch of Minecarts under my res.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. Will it be okay to dig things out and keep them?

    It looks very coordinated the way things are placed in theme. but it only seems that they are at certain levels.
  5. Your residence was likely owned by someone with a shop. You are fine to keep them as long as they are normal items.
  6. Okay, thanks, what items are not "normal" and what do I do if I find them?
  7. You shouldn't have any that aren't 'normal'. But for reference, anything that is renamed with color or that says someone's name in the title is likely not normal. Basically if it's not a minecraft default item.

    if you find any, just give me a shout on here.
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  8. You'll know a custom item when you see one - it will have a special name/special description, different colours etc.
  9. Like custom mob drops ? I found some of them..
  10. Place anything that looks suspicious in your first vault and I can check it when I get home later this afternoon.
  11. I'll do, but I have not found anything that is strange ... what I have found is something you can get in the wilderness or buy in the shop
  12. *Klumpelil puts your head in first vault*
    Looks suspicious to me :p
  13. Im 90% sure one of the previous res owners had a mall. Sometimes paintings (and apparently item frames I guess) have issues despawning/breaking when they are underground during a residence reset. I have had this happen to me before, but with the paintings.
  14. I guess this happens because they are entities, are not counted as blocks. The same with animals when you do a reset on the residence, they stay there...
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  15. I believe this was fixed recently also. :)
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  16. I wish horses didn't reset when you reset your res. Found that one out the hard way. =P