[Item Frame Plugin Idea]

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  1. I had an idea on mumble today about an item frame plugin. When you break an item frame the Object in it and the frame should go to your inv. And if your inv. is full it will go to your feet. This would also be nice for paintings. :D
  2. I don't know if this goes against the "don't suggest server-side plugins." It probably does. If not, add jukeboxes to that.
  3. It doesnt go against that
  4. I actually quite like the sound of this. I almost lost some very rare items due to the way item frames are at the minute, which would not be so good... This idea seems quite convenient and it is useful, if it is possible to add then I think this is a great idea! :)
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  5. It is possible
  6. Don't you mean "Don't suggest client-side modifications"? Server-side is nearly the only thing you could suggest ;p
  7. Modifications and pre-made plugins are different. Server mods are custom by Aikar and pre-made plugins have code that for all we know sucks badly and does bad stuff.
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  8. Well then I, for one, support this.
    As it is, I can't play music when lots of people are at my res because the disc will always land on someone else. I've seen item frames and their items go through walls too many times, too.
  9. I like the idea too and we sort of had it in the past when item frames were broken after an mc update.

    we will add it back soon.
  10. Wow thanks Aikar
  11. Awesome! Paintings always glitch around before actually landing on the ground ._. It's a game of Wiley coyote
  12. Ohh I know that feeling, nearly died by a heart attack when I was moving my voter and 60k member amor :c
    Broke the whole room to find the glitches items :/
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  13. I had the same, but with a Referral Block and Voter's Block :p They magically landed on other floors in my Museum, took me a while but I found them >_>
  14. Makes you die a little inside when you cant find them then finally do.