[Item Check] Love Potion Number 9

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  1. Heyas Friendz,

    I currently obtained a Love Potion Number 9 which looked different.

    When I looked closer I noticed that the potion was not glowing, like it usually is and it doesn't have the effect of Regeneration, I would like to get some input about this matter.

  2. Mine is the same now. This must be a 1.9 update thing. Makes sense since potions changed. I've never taken it out of my vault.

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  3. Same here. Mine is also kept in my vault
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  4. Yea mine is the same as that, not glowing like usual, probably because of the 1.9 update.

    Also ik this isnt really the point of the thread but if my eyes arent paying tricks on me and your using a texture pack, may I know what it is? XD
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  5. I thought it looked a little 3D-ish lol
  6. Just checked my potion and it was the same. So does anyone know how much these things are worth?
  7. the same as before, they all changed
  8. I still wanted to know the value of the Love Potion itself. I never knew the value before.
  9. 90k approx. If they all changed, I don't see the value changing.
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  10. Thanks. :) I didn't figure the value changed. I was just what the love potion was worth.
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  11. Haven't looked at mine but i will when i get on. I would have estimated the value at 110k at least that's what the prices were back in January. Last i checked AlexChance now AlexC__ had them for sale at 120k.
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  12. Some love potions didn't change. I've seen a few that are still pink
  13. For sure they could have increased. 90k was what I last saw it at. But given its a rare one, it's bound to increase.
  14. Just checked on 1 of mine. It's in an item frame and it's still pink and glowing.

    I'll need to find the other one. So right now i'm not going to even touch the item in fear it will change like the others.
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  15. I think it was just ones that were in vaults
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  16. The 3D effect is caused by a texture pack called Default 3D. It's an amazing texture pack which offers a variety of options, I can only talk good about it :) Also I recommend it for other players to use.
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  17. If yours updated to water and you want it replaced back to regen, please place it in your vault and send me a message at pmcm.emc.gs. I'll switch it out.
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  18. Doesn't that mean the water ones will get worth more, though? They will be rarer if people get theirs replaced ;)
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  19. They should be the same value.
    If someone wants theirs turned into water, I can offer that as well. This 1.9 update bug shouldn't affect any real values.
  20. Yeah, it's only vaults as all mine in chests are pink and glowing. No values should be changed if you can freely change it to whichever, so I'd say they're worth around (give or take 10k) about 100k, currently.
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