It was a fiece battle for 16004 spawn residence!

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  1. Fierce*** We can't edit thread titles :-/

    Multiple Staff members and multiple Supporters/Regulars. I won't lie. I had a timer going and adjusted key bindings to make my res claiming as fast is humanly possible. But hey I'm happy to be the proud owner of 16004 on smp8.

    I've received Many millions worth in offers for this residence and to be frank I am not looking to sell this residence unless an truly insane offer arises. Let's put it this way.. I've been offered 750kr + 3 diamond vouchers for the residence and I've turned it down.

    I would like to apologies to finch. I hope that two year project can go on its way regardless of the battles outcome. I personally wasn't a fan of the taking of a residence to simply trade it in to someone who already has many residences. I'd also like to apologies to BlackKnight. I know you really wanted a spawn res for once but hey.. I am giving you 16005! :D

    As we move forth from here, 16004 will become a public community center since it seems smp8 spawn doesn't have that yet and MrGrayWolf (i believe it was) will be moving ahead to build smp8's new landmark... the Giant 60x60 Potato! Which will sit right outside of smp8 spawn for all to see!

    When I make a promise I stick to it regardless of how odd the promise may be.
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  2. *sighs* Of course the potato will end up being built, it's smp8...
  3. I tried, I failed. GG good sir.
  4. Oo sounds Interesting
  5. Three diamond vouchers? You're insane for turning that down!
  6. Well this does take place on smp8! :rolleyes:
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  7. I was there, it was fun.
  8. Did previous owner go derelict?
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  9. Yes, banned and then the timer for derelict was what everyone was waiting for.
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  10. Yeah but this ain't 16008 which is the real deal ;)
  11. I think thats mine, no?
  12. idk, I own the direct face /town lot is all I know, I forget the #
  13. >.>16003 is mine, not 16008