Issue: Fake Heads

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Should mob head names be colored to prevent fakes?

Yes! 15 vote(s) 83.3%
No. 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. I sell mob heads at my shop, 18911, and I buy heads whenever I see a good deal. The problem with buying and selling heads is that people often take player heads and rename them to sell them to unsuspecting customers. I was thinking this issue could be resolved if the name of the legitimate heads were written in color, such as a Dragon Stone. Just some food for thought.
  2. I think there should be some way to make sure nothing is fake. maybe not colors, but I support the idea.
  3. I think anvil renamed heads are written in italics. The italics should be enough to tell people they're not real, so long as they know about why they'd be in italics in the first place. Non-vanilla mob heads (slimes, pigmen, etc) are the only ones that are already in italics because they actually are normal renamed heads.
  4. He is talking about the normal heads
  5. What's a normal head versus a regular head though? I'm not sure what heads are being talked about here.
  6. Things like LavaSlime, Spider heads, and other Mojang mob skins. These are what are often used for scamming.
  7. He is saying that custom heads (Blaze, Ghast, Pig) are written in italics also so many people can get a alt or someone and rename the head and no one can spot the difference between them =)
  8. Ah now I get it. Thanks, sorry for the confusion >.>
  9. Thanks for clarifying :D Sorry I didnt make that real clear when I made the thread
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  10. Only I really know is if a head is real or a fake, is to see if they stack with my legitimate heads.
    (Ones that I obtained myself).

    If they don't stack... then someone is being naughty.
  11. Since they are using a plugin it's up to to plugin makers to change it ;)
    We'll unless they make there own plugin
  12. Im saying I have bought some from people by [slot 1] and It is named the same, so I buy them. I can check after I buy them but there is no way to return them.
  13. The feature was actually created by Aikar, not a different developer or plugin. 99.99% of the features on EMC are custom made.
  14. Yeah, I've noticed this myself. Legit mob-heads should at least be properly non-italicized so they can't be faked with an anvil.
  15. If they cannot remove italicized (they should be able to) just add a lore that says "A _____ Head"