ISMOOCH's SassyMeter

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  1. I believe it's some sort of device to measure how sassy something is.
  2. Basic sass. Bahahah.
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  3. Good memories. I remember the original threads.
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  4. Too much sass for today. :confused:
  5. What does sass even mean? :p

    My English Teacher told me it's a bad word and I should never repeat it to her again... but i've heard it used in children's games, so that's obviously not true :p
  6. This is the best definition I could find -
    possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool.

  7. Sounds about right.
  8. yeah, your english teacher is weird... my teacher uses it to describe us all the time >.<
    Sass is basically talking back, or kind of being vain i guess, but in more of a sassy way, like.... hmmm....
    saying "AWW HELL NO" is sassy, best example i can come up with srry
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  9. Yep, she is. She uses a book about 3 people in a bankrupt Britain going to some place called Lemon Dough as a 'foundation' for newspaper writing...
  10. Cause
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  11. You can't kill the Sass!!!
  12. Smooch is on 2 day sass probation for inciting death wishes on the Sass
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  13. I love how Sassy Smooch is still a thing :p
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  14. How sassy is jam?
  15. Da Sasseh Smoocheh.jpg

    (I made a "Dat Sass", it's on imgur somewhere, I challenge you to find it. Uploaded by memegenerator)