iSmoochGames YouTube : : Obsidian Fortress Part 3: Lava and... Lava

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  1. Taking a little break from the Survival and working a Little Adventure :)
    Thanks for all the continuous support guys, never go a couple of days without getting another sub.. It's nice. :)
    LadyHayley and iSmooch continue their adventure through the Obsidian Fortress - the first map of a three map adventure series. There are many trials to be faced.

    Link to map:

    Link to texture pack:

  2. these are coming very quickly:)
  3. we try to keep you guys enertained :)
  4. And you guys are doing a good job XD
  5. glad that you think so :) we love doing these videos just because you guys like watching them :p
  6. YAY! :) :D I hope for more :D
  7. dont worry.. there will always be more :)
  8. HOORAY! :D XD
  9. I was waiting for the lava-baths. Glad there were none!

    "I'm more adventurous with torches." I'm not AS bad as this but I would hate to see you guys do one of the maps I've been in. There was a pit where the entire walls were black wool and no light can hear Zombies and skeletons.....

    Claustrophobia kicked in. Worse than being stuck underwater.

    Zombie dubstep FTW
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  10. as soon as I read this all I could think of was this

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  11. o.o I couldn't do that. I'm way too claustrophobic and paranoid for that stuff xD

    *Friendly bump to make sure audience from other timezones see we have a new video out* :)
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  12. that is so full of epic I had to view it in parts xD
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  13. I wanted to add a Zombie head but I didn't have time:)
  14. OMG! YES part 3