iSmooch YouTube : : Obsidian Fortress Part 4: Shootload of Spiders

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  1. Hey everyone! Below is the next part of our little adventure, but I'd just like to remind everyone first that we are holding a contest! Here is the link:

    Taking a little break from the Survival and working a Little Adventure :)
    Thanks for all the continuous support guys, never go a couple of days without getting another sub.. It's nice. :)

    LadyHayley and iSmooch continue their adventure through the Obsidian Fortress - the first map of a three map adventure series. There are many trials to be faced.

    Link to map:

    Link to texture pack:

  2. YAY! a new one keep it up you guys!:D
  3. Cheers snozies :)
  4. Keep pumping them out
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  5. your welcome anything for a fellow kiwi:D
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  6. lol awesome, also good cliffhanger at the end ....
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