iSmoochGames YouTube : : Obsidian Fortress Part 5: The Finale

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  1. Here it is! The finale extravanganza :p of our adventure through the Obsidian Fortress! What a fun, and interesting, map. We hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

    Thank you for all the continuous support you are all giving us. The likes, comments, and subscribers mean a lot and it's nice getting a new subscriber every day. Keep it up :)

    Here is the links!

    Link to map:

    Link to texture pack:
  2. AWESOME!:D I did this map so many times but just eneded up raging:p
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  3. NOOOO! the end
  4. Yeah it's sad but whoever wins the contest will get to pick a new map if I'm not mistaken:p
  5. You are correct, sir! Plus we have so much more to come, so don't be glum chum :D
  6. So I am curios ... what was behind those iron bars Smooch wanted to break?
  7. absolutely nothing... i was so angry xD
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  8. SPOILERS i haven't watched it yet cause I'm on dial up!
  9. I enjoyed the deaths
  10. More SPOILERS I'm shuttin my eyes:D
  11. Awkward silence....
  12. NO MORE SPOILERS so snozles can watch it <3
  13. also HOORAY! I'm subscribing to you guys now!:D
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