Is this Signal For something Happening?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ConductorConduit, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Have I missed something here?
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  2. I'll be playing EMC 'til I'm dead
    There's an Aikar and Max and others down there too...
  3. is this a murder plot....
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  4. Krysyy better look out :eek: :p
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  5. You'll have to catch me first. (As I fly away into the sunset)
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  6. they are coming for you kryssy
  7. Part of me wants to believe that is supposed to be an altar, not a tomb. Creative build though... what's the texture pack?
  8. Seeing as how it's in the graveyard, I'm gonna go with tomb =P
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  9. Yeah, it's fairly obvious what it is. That's part of what makes it a good build. Hence why part of me "wants" to believe it's something else. No dead krysyy's, please.
  10. I'd better tell the other guys our plan has been revealed.
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  11. Krysyy, I already have your green alt. You're next... Mwuahahah!
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  12. Great now I have to build the Great Church of Krysyy
  13. we have bows 4 a reason to shoot flying krysyyjane9191's :p
  14. Bye krysy
  15. That's been there since the Graveyard was created. :p On the bright side, just as Ancient Egyptians believed they could take their most precious possessions with them on their journey into the afterlife, it seems that Krysyy is going to try to take her TARDIS with her (you can see it in the background). Unless... what if Krysyy isn't in the tomb at all? What if she's hidden in the TARDIS? But then, if Krysyy is in the TARDIS... who is in the tomb!?