is this an enderman or i got greifed

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  1. I have a skeleton trap in smp5. I was in it and turned of the lights before leaving. Then i leaved for 4 hours.
    Then i came back again i found the following missing:

    28 blue wool

    9 glass blocks

    2 signs

    But i don't think it is a griefer. Beacuse my chests are full. And the anvil and juke box are not taken

    NOTE: i have a dark room grinder near it and all the mines are lit up. But my grinder is dark

    so what do you think???
  2. I can't imagine enderman on this scale, but a griefer would take much more. Is it possible that there is someone else in the base that may have needed these materials?
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  3. May enderman spawn rate be high because the following reasons:

    1- the caves all lit up so there is no spawn there

    2- my dark room grinder have water so they will not still there

    3- the only dark dry place is my skeleton grinder
    And about the someone needs materials. The answer is no beacause the following

    1- my grinder entrance is 1 block hall In the ocean so it is hard to anyone to find it

    So what is it ???
  4. sounds like a greifer. not all greifers destroy everything.ive noticed a few situations where it just seems like they want to see how many times the owner will repair what was greifed.
  5. also after looking it up seems endermen cant pick up glass or wool.
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  6. and now what I could do to prevent the griefer ??

    It is pain to see your creations griefed.

    And the problem now that the griefer has located my trap place
    And will come grief every day

    And it will be hard to use it
  7. This problem can be easily fixed...When you log out make sure your live map is pointed on the area of your skeleton grinder. When you see that someone is near the area, log back in quick and take some screenshots of him griefing. If he is a supporter. that will be a harder situastion though.
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  8. Pm a moderator on the forum about the issue, we have a few systems in place which may be traceable in this situation.
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  9. well i believe mods can check who was in that area in a 24hour time frame so could ask a moderator for help.
  10. None of mentioned blocks can be picked up by enderman, so its not that case.
    If it is a griefer, by taking those some things probably wants to see if the place is active? I mean, if the owner is still visiting it? I dont know solution for protection against griefing other than locking chests, that wont protect from place beeing destroyed though or.... removing :(
  11. The live map is for supporters only

    When I try to use it it says you are not supporter.
  12. That is absurd....I have only been a regular player and got to use live map
  13. WHITEWOLFIX please send me the approximate coordinates of your base and I will look into it.
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  14. Ok is it might be a creeper explosion???

    But how he explode if there no one to attract him
  15. anyone can use the live map,
    only supporters can hide from it,
    what NUBlackshirts27 is saying is leave the map open on your desktop centered on your base so you can see if anyone happens to travel by it while your at your computer, if your base is griefed this could be used as evidence though I'm not sure if livemap Screen Shots are accepted anymore now we have the ingame systems, as I said before; PM a moderator. :)
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  16. Thank you chickeneer for the reply i will send it but can i send it about 30mins later

    beacuse i am now playing league of legends game and i will be banned if i quit.
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  17. Lol, it's ok. Take your time - have Calculus here shortly and will check it out after that.
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  18. Am I posted it ???
  19. send the Co-ords in a PM to chickeneer
  20. I think I am posted it but It got deleted for privacy