Is this a serious question?

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  1. So, I was browsing the PMC forums and I came across this thread...
    I thought people would at least be able to know black holes don't actually go anywhere.

    Anyways apart from showing off a PMC thread not by me feel free to talk about random junk about black holes, space, wormholes or something physics like...

    I'll finish off by stating sort of what black holes are. Firstly they are not holes. They are a point in which has a huge gravitational force that even light gets sucked into it. Which is why they are black. And they are formed when a MASSIVE star dies. So there... just chat pointlessly :p
  2. Dark matter
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  3. It's dark... but is it matter...? :eek:
  4. Well essentially it's matter but energy at the same time hence the term, dark energy. There is no known way to harness dark energy but in theory they say its what holds the galaxy together without it spinning apart into pieces into a galactic mess across the universe. Next topic : Worm Holes - Bending the fabric of space
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  5. Worm holes... do they exist?
  6. In theory yes, proven: no. Black holes are as close as to chomping up space and time and bending it but going back forward in time is unknown . Ahh imma sleep its late here and my head is fried
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  7. Well I can tell you about super novas...
    But thats about it
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  8. There're cool.
  9. Dark energy and dark matter are not the same. The universe is estimated to consist of 72% dark energy, 23% dark matter, and 4.6% is regular matter as we know it. Also, just because we have a name for these things (dark matter/energy) it doesn't mean we have a clue what they are yet. The only reason we know they are there is because of the way things in the universe behave, and how that behavior differs from what you'd expect if that dark energy and matter weren't there.
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  10. So... much.... knowledge... :eek:
  11. Funny how much you pick up when you're interested in something, huh? Schools should really try that with their students sometime... Anyway... On the other hand, compared to the scientists who work with this stuff, I know next to nothing... All I know is the "layman friendly" version of these things, which I'm sure is extremely simplified compared to the real deal. :p
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  12. Wikipedia tells me that dark matter is not an element... If it's not an element, then what is it... :confused:
  13. you cant authentically say black holes go nowhere, they are the only observed case in our known universe where the laws of physics get incredibly iffy, it was once postulated that worm holes and black holes were one and the same because of the above example then it was later thrown out of scientific fact ONLY because there logically must exist other ways to create a wormhole (ftl travel, star anomalies, dark energy bands, etc) so what you should instead say (if you are the scientific type) is there is little proof beyond speculation that black holes are anything but enormous gravitational compactors.

    the real question is where does gravity come from?
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  14. Thanks mate, I was like half asleep when I wrote the chunk. I was hoping I wouldn't confuse people. But I'm off to class now D:
  15. ur dum, thats what i think
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  16. Heh, yeah, it was a pretty dumb thing to ask. What good will it do anyone to speculate what's "inside" a black hole? Waste of time. :p Better to work towards actually finding out what it is, and holding off on any sort of conclusions until then.
  17. The heart of the black hole is highly compressed matter. My question is what does that matter look like? Can the gravitational pull of a black whole strip protons or electrons for an atom? Or force atoms to conjoin, changing to a different element? In otherwords, do black holes turn carbon dust to diamonds, or to gold. Do black holes have the ability to convert matter into energy?
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  18. Its gotta look like this... ;)
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  19. Hmmm yes, but does it matter :D

    Its just like gum boils, if a gum boil could boil oil how much oil could a gum boil boil if a gum boil could boil oil :p Now then make sense of that. :D
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  20. Up until the time i was about 10, i was convinced that black holes would somehow suck things in and spit them out from a white can thank Godzilla movies for that.....
    Godzilla for the win
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