Is this a deal?

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  1. I traded a Aikar's Economy Destroying DP Aikar sig for a 2016 Aikar Head. Did I get ripped off, a good price, or the trade of my life? I am just curious.
  2. Four stacks of 2016 Aikar Heads were released, and they are recent.

    Aikar's Economy Destroying DP Aikar Head (ex-Shiny) had one stack released I believe, albeit it was duplicated one time but those heads were recalled, and the heads are a lot older, so I'd probably say that the Economy Destroying Heads are more valuable.

    But at the end of the day, it's what item you prefer/what you wanted that'll make it the deal breaker for you :)
  3. ^ Economically is wasn't worth it. Personally is up to you. ^ :p
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  4. Ya price wise, totally one sided but as said if it's something you can part with and are happy with what you got then all good :)
  5. Not head, signature
    I kinda want my sig back
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  8. An estimated 16 Aikar's Signatures were released at Aikar's Economy Destroying Drop Party, so they are 1/16 as common as the heads and much older (and therefore harder to find).
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  9. You said wig in the original post. You might want to correct it to say sig then.

    The sig is much rarer, only 16 released, a lot older, and therefore is worth much more in value than the 2016 head as they are recent and there were four stacks of those released.
  10. -_-
    I got ripped off so hard.
    To who traded me-
    I will find you and I will report you.
  11. Report for what? Unfortunately this was an agreed upon transaction. Whenever doing anything with promos it's best to price check or gather info about them before anything takes place.
  12. Unfortunately ThaKloned is right, since you willing passed the player the head knowing what you were giving and getting it wouldn't be an illegal transaction and therefor is on your own accord. Just be careful next time and research what you're dealing with. :)
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  13. Yeah. The report part was a joke. ;)
    But still, he refused a little bit because he thought that his item had more value. I forgot who I traded, sadly. :(
  14. Intentionally ripping a player off is considered scamming and is punishable, according to Krysyy. This is why we are required to give fair market value to players on promo-release day even if they are willingly selling it for less.
  15. From the sounds of it, neither of them were intentionally ripping off any body. Both of them agreed to it, one got a better deal. Fair market value cannot be determined for special event items of which are extremely rare, this is a slightly different circumstance to new promos on promo-release day. The player can always try and ask to trade back, but seeing as how they both agreed, I doubt there's much that can be done. The players could have always checked forums to check prices before hand or ask other players to make sure that they were okay with it also.
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  16. It's a rule that's up to admin discretion, so yeah I think it would be hard to argue scamming in this case.

    I was just pointing out that contrary to statements made here, "both were willing" does not exempt the transaction from scrutiny and potentially punishment.
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  17. Problem is how does the staff know for certain what one does or doesn't know? I have no clue what 80k member items are worth but if I sell them for a quarter of their worth before finding out, then that's on me and the buyer shouldn't be punished.
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  18. I have no clue who the other player is, so I cannot trade back. :(
  19. Did you mail it to them? If you did there would be that info on your rupee balance.
  20. We traded via dropping to the other player on my res.