is there ANYTHING I can do about this?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by meerkatman1, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. I was in waste south on smp8 and died with a 20k freedom blade. 20k to me is a fortune.
    please reply! -meerkatman1
  2. Don't think so? You could find it back, of course, but I lately accidentally dropped my iDay 2013 into the open sea, and due to a glitch(?) I couldn't see underwater and lost it.
    The chunks may have unloaded after you died though, so it's possible that it's still there.
  3. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to venture out into the wild with your pick axe blazing in a mad dash to retrieve your dropped goods as fast as possible!

    Other than that, there's not much that can be done, sorry :\
  4. Hey, if you want me to help get you a new sword, let me know. I would happily help buy a new one :)
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  5. Done, staff can see player death events with locations. It wasn't far from spawn so I went to check and his items were in a pile and are now returned.;)

    Sometimes you just get lucky. Good thing you didn't fall in lava. I can't do anything about that.
  6. Thx but just five fun got it for meh :D.....allough id like a holiday pic XD
  7. Do you do such things often?
  8. i was gonna say, staff can usually use square to get your death coordinates. ninjaboy has helped me with that more times than i probably should admit :p
  9. we can but we dont do it too often otherwise that is all we would be doing. :p i usually do it if i am in the wild/waste and come across a players items. i will bring them back to town and search death logs to see who they might belong to and make them an access chest on my res. then i try to contact them to let them know i found the items.
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  10. Here is a tip for waste/frontier. If you leave f3 on when you go to waste, you can see your coordinates, even after you die. It covers a bit of the screen but it is good insurance in case of death as it allows you to find your stuff easily. The other thing to do is never carry anything to the waste/frontier that you are not prepared to lose.
  11. I always have the debug screen on.. I knew the about 20*20 area where it must lay. I couldn't see anything underwater though, because my screen was completely white when under the water.
    Pretty sure that's a bug, because I remember that in the past I've seen underwater.
  12. Were you wearing a voter helmet when you went underwater?
  13. It sounds like you were wondering if they would spawn things in. If that is the case, no, staff will never spawn items in unless there is absolute proof of a glitch.
  14. ??? I was replying to olaf_C
  15. Yes.
  16. People still talking bout dis? It should be a new forum filter. Wilderness Deaths "Talk about your most upsetting deaths here!" Lawl XD
  17. next time try taking it off and putting it back on underwater. that happens to me too sometimes. its not a bug per say the respiration is just that high that the "white" is the light it is showing so you can "see" lol
  18. This would hv been good in the past when I died in the wild with like 5 ore busters :(
  19. Why were you carrying so many orebusters? Why not silk the ore and take it back to town so that the orebusters would be safe?
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  20. well I was stupid back then........well still am :p
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