is there any way back from the end?

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  1. i hope so... :confused:
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  2. Taken straight from the Minecraft Wiki.
  3. i was hoping since the server doesnt have a dragon there would be a way out..
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  4. I actually dont know if you mean smp5.. Shooter00 first found the end portal 15 min after the smp5 launch. You could ask him if there was an exit or not. Prolly yes.
  5. Read the last two sentences.
  6. nvm theres a portal back
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  7. wow hes good
  8. Yes There Is Me And A Friend Went About 18 Hours After Shooter Did:D Yes There Is A Way Out On SMP 5 :)
  9. its weird does the ender portal close so u have to put new eyes of enders in it?
  10. No its stays open forever
  11. the way into the end was closed when i got there?
  12. ? are all the ender eyes in place?
  13. no there were only 3 in i had to place the rest.
    i think each time some 1 goes through they disapear
  14. No they don't.
    But there aren't just one portal on the overworld.
  15. I believe the Ender Dragon respawns after it is killed now, so multiple dragon eggs can be harvested but I have never been to the End and doubt if I will go since it is not my main purpose for playing minecraft. Wish one could tame the dragon instead of killing it. I could use a dragon to protect my builds while Im away ;)
  16. Yes, that is correct.

    Every server has a public end portal entrance and exit. You can ask around to see which one you are looking for. Smp5's has been clearly labeled with directions, as had all other smp's. Just ask anybody who is experienced and they can show your u the way.
  17. The ole' 4 year later thread bump eh
  18. First of all always pay attention to the date of a thread (also check the red warning at the bottom). When those players discussed this then 1.9 didn't even exist yet ;)

    Actually. The dragon will not drop another egg after its killed a second time. Only the first dragon drops the egg. So there will be no harvesting here; the egg remains the most rarest block in the game.
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  19. I don't think the first dragon will lay any eggs, I think it will drop a head when killed.

    When the dragon is alive, there is no way out other than dieing. Need to kill tbe dragon for the exit portal to open again.

    This does not affect the End portal in any way.
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  20. Jesus xD talk about bumping a dead thread from a dead player lol
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