Is there any emc server that has a 1.7 world?

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  1. Any server that was made in 1.7 version of minecraft?
  2. The Frontier doesn't get reset.
  3. Wastelands were reset recently, so they'll be 1.7 :)
  4. Aw, so no frontiers on any server has any 1.7 terrain? Only in the resource worlds (wastelands)?
  5. If you go far enough (Black areas on the live map), you'll get to the unloaded chunks, which will become 1.7 terrain once reached and loaded.
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  6. If you go to an unexplored area (black on the livemap) in the frontier the generated terrain will be 1.7 terrain.
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  7. I got confused on what you meant, because a lot of people refer to 1.7.2 as 1.7, and the server is currently on 1.7.9, which is still in the 1.7 updates.
  8. every servers world(s) is 1.7 you just gotta get to the right chunks on some of them
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  9. Oh okay thanks everyone!