Is there a way to get a sponge block

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  1. I need it to recreate achievement city on my residence.

    Thank you
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  2. Admins and Snr. Staff members can not spawn in creative-only obtainable items for members. You can use yellow wool to replace it though.
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  3. Just go with the classic grass block :p
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  4. Bribe senior staff There is no way to get a sponge block in EMC.
  5. Well... Not if you own jack biggins res...
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  6. Do you have sponge you would be wiling to sell to me

    That's the alternative if I can't get it but I would like to do the most updated if I can
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  7. There is no way to obtain a sponge block.,
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  8. There's is no way to obtain a sponge on Emc by normal means and if a player some how obtain it would be confiscated and despawned on the spot.
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  9. It's just not the same!!
  10. Oh crap
    *hides some items*
  11. Well... Are you forgetting the sponge in the road next to Jack Biggin's res... :p It wouldn't be the player's, but, it would be cool to look at :p
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  12. Why can't sponges be sold in the Empire Shop?
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  13. i almost got a sponge block one time after icc was playing with them
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  14. That's different situation done by staff than a player obtaining one