Is there a way to automatically craft things?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by AmusedStew, May 13, 2013.

  1. Say you were crafting a ton of sugar cane into paper, is there a mod that 1 clicks all the cane into paper that is SMP and could be approved for EMC? Or someone could make a mod like this?

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  2. Macro Mod, using CRAFT();
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  3. I'm not sure if the inventory tweaks mod does this, Im sure it would and its approved for EMC!
  4. Doesnt this mod generate alot of lag though? My computer hardly runs Minecraft as is....
  5. inv tweaks doesnt.
  6. You know that time you watched my craft nuggets into ingots and ingots into blocks?
    That's macros:p
  7. Oh, but does it still generate lag?
  8. No more than normal crafting, in my experience.
  9. Maybe ill try it out later, thanks!
  10. Wait, so you're saying there's a mod, that you can use on EMC, that will let you craft all the sugar cane in your inventory directly into paper?
  11. If your having trouble running mc on its own then I suggest you install Optifine that improves the performance of mc using less resources. This link will help with that

    I would suggest that you check that any other mods your looking to install work with forge, install that first then what ever else you want.

    Not knowing how good your computer is the above is only a suggestion, you may also find doing disk clean, defagmenting your computer etc may also improve the performance.