Is the top of the nether off limits?

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  1. Hey guys!
    I was trying to get on top of the nether using the ladder/enderpearl method. Whenever I got above the nether and tried to move it teleported me back down under. When I tried to place blocks they instantly went away like if you don't have build permissions on a res. Are we not allowed up there and if so WHY? I already built a large railroad and gathered materials to build a gold farm up there. You can get up there in vanilla survival...
  2. If you're wondering if something is off limits and you are being prevented from going there, it is off limits.

    I believe you aren't allowed there because it is a bit cheaty and you aren't suppose to go there (see bedrock).
  3. I agree the minecraft creators didn't design the top of the nether to be used, but I still think it should be allowed.
    EDIT: It's not like its hurting anyone either if it was implemented. It's also a lot safer from griefers up there. If you are walking on the bedrock you cant see things floating at layer 240+
    Double EDIT: Actually, the top of the nether probably WAS intended to get to but as an "easter egg" Below the overworld is first off impossible to get through but also has deadly void below it. You also cant place blocks below there even in creative. However, above the nether IS possible to get to and you CAN place blocks in it and instead of void, there is air. There are also some nice mushrooms in case you run out of food:p
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  4. I agree with you Cow, it's not like it's OP or anything.
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  5. I understand both sides, I for one am kinda glad the "roof" of the Nether is off limits. Let me explain. It IS OP to be on the roof of the Nether. You don't have to worry about Ghasts as much as you would below, you don't have to mine to clear space (say to build a railway) and it would be total wasteland up there. I've seen on other servers where they allowed the "roof" of the Nether to be used, and it was a complete disaster. People's farms griefed and destroyed . It is just too easy to move about the Nether if the "roof" of the Nether was allowed to be accessed. However, do keep in mind that this is my OPINION. So I agree that the "roof" of the Nether should stay off limits to all non-staff players.
  6. I see your point there, the whole easy ability of movement thing I think would be the biggest problem with it. It might work if something was implemented like you cant move 100 blocks from the spot you pop up from. I know that would never be added though and staff would rather just keep it as is because it's easier on them and they have enough to deal with already though. I'd feel a lot better if we could claim land though (isn't this already a mod EMC can download? I know their working on some sort of claiming system). Slabbing the area seems like such a grind too... As far as griefing goes though I doubt it would be more of a problem than it would be in the normal nether.
  7. Aikar has fixed that glitch going through the ceiling bedrock...