Is my neighbor Overreacting?

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  1. Hello EMC.
    This morning, i went out for a walk with my dog.
    I tried to go another round with my dog, and i walked pass this house.
    The man that owned the house walked out of hes house and said i should take my *10 swear words* dog away.
    Then i walked away, and my dog just peed a tiny little bit in one of his shrubs, and the man to a large stone and threw at me.
    He hitted me right at my shoulder and he also to another rock at threw it at my dog...

    Is this normal stuff to do, when you see a 15 year old guy is out walking his dog?
    I'm litteraly thinking about reporting him to the police..
    What are your thoughts on what happened?
  2. 0_0 i would report it!
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  3. Hitted you? :p

    Anyways, report him, it's abuse, or something like that.
  4. you should report him, child and animal abuse
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  5. yes definately report him, none should ever throw rocks at people/animals its considered a count of physical abuse!
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  6. actually throwing a rock is assault and battery
    if you have a camera phone or some recording device record him doing it next time, atm its a 15 yr olds word against a man if he starts acting crazy again inform him that you are recording this and reporting him to the police for assault. then calmly walk your dog and do not engage him. or bring an adult with you next time and have then phone it in
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  7. Don't tell him your recording because he might flip out, record him yes, but make sure your out of range of harm.
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  8. it is illegal to record someone in secret in public (aka the street) its considered illegal wiretapping
    edit: atleast in america it is
  9. ah right, im from uk and im not sure what the laws are here, well say your recording from a distance then
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  10. yeah i realised i was basing my knowledge of law off american law lol derp other folks are here too
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  11. Report him, it's still child abuse because you are under 18 (I'm sure you knew that) and it's animal abuse as well.
  12. Look, if someone goes into a fit like that and reacts that way, tell the police.
  13. Whats your dog's name?
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  14. Hes name is Hektor.
    Here is a picture, :)
  15. Report it, Even if its word against word, Its not gonna look good if he ever tries to get a gun licence, or a high paying job or similar. Far from all check for those stuff but every little bit counts. I mean if he did it against 100 guys, and all reported it, he would soon get problems...
  16. Uh... why didn't you talk to your parents about this first? (If you did, then disregard this post)
    If nothing else, please don't depend on the EMC forums as your "first stop" for legal or life-threatening issues... though I'm sure everyone here is flattered you value our opinion so highly :D
  17. I can't believe you're questioning reporting him to the police! Do it!
    What if this behaviour continues and kills someone! It could...
  18. Black lab? I have a black lab, yours is cute :D yeah, I would pay the man a visit, ring his door bell, use his 10 swear words and say of he ever assaults you again you will call the police and sue him
  19. You should probably report him, because he said $^#)(%)@&$%#^#$#@ $^&(%#%^^ %^&&$$#$ $#%^ %^$^
    BEFORE Hektor did anything, and the rock was an over-reaction. I would say consult your parents, just in case.
  20. Challenge him to a PVP fight on MC jk....