Is it possible to obtain monster spawners on survival?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. I read many thread where a person said they have a spawner,
    refer to this thread
    are they saying its possible to obtain spawners?

    is it possible to obtain monster spawners legitimately on survival?

  2. It is not possible. I didn't look at the thread, but more than likely, the person has found a spawner and set it up as a mob farm, rather than actually possessing a spawner
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  3. In survivor on EMC, spawners must be found and setup. They cannot be saved or reloacted even with silk touch picaxes.

    That other thread is about a guy wanting to pay to RENT a XP farm of someone else. I think he's offering 2K rupees a week.
  4. can you move a spawner with a piston? or will that destroy the spawner?
  5. Spawners are unabled to be moved by pistons / sticky pistons. If tried to do so, nothing interesting happens.
  6. it will destroy no possible way to move it unless u set up water channel going to xp farm
  7. Oh , thx guys!
  8. just make it look like this this is a good way trap.png