Blaze Spawner

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  1. Hello Emc community i really want to use a blaze spawner i am willing to pay 2000r per week so just post below if intersed
  2. well me too
  3. i would volunteer mine but its griefed hard.
  4. Lol who DOSENT want a blaze spawner (actuctally not me cause i have like 2 ) and no yall cant have them XD :p
  5. how much u sayyyy
  6. 2000 per week
  7. let me think about it because i might increase the pay because my blaze spawner is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE
  8. what do u mean
  9. So effective that you only have 518 xp points on your "TEXP lifetime"?
  10. do u want a grinder or a spawner?
  11. i dont use it its unfair to get unlimited xp and then sell enchanted items
  12. Yeah sure...
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  13. Well then why do people make grinders. Some of the fairest and awesomest( Yes I know, not a real word :p) players of the Empire use grinders. Alexchance, D3r3k_fawns, Leowaste, Aikar, Dubzy1, Rtardo, xeriul, Zabriel, the list goes on and on. Are you here to tell me that these players are playing in an unfair way because they use xp grinders to get xp to enchant items? Are you telling me that people like Dubzy1, xeriul or Zabriel who run enchanted items shops play to an advantage because they worked hard to create an efficient grinder? That is like saying I am playing with an advantage over other players because I made a cobble generator and used it to make cobble I sold for rupees. Enchanting and selling items is the WAY minecraft was supposed to be played.

  14. No I just don't like doing it like that I keep the items for myself
  15. but u are only like 512 lifetime xp
  16. Um I do know one blaze spawner on smp4

    but i have to ask other people in the group that used the spawner

    so we will decide :)
  17. MAKE sure u have fire protection potion :)