Is it possible to Invest in EMC?

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  1. So on the many days I have spent on here, sometimes I zone out and just have random thoughts... One such thought is that we all (i.e. supporters) pay into EMC I wonder if it would be possible one day to invest more than our supporter-ship and time into this company and game. Here's my logic, say 10 people invested each $500 that's $5000 for the Owners (Aikar and whomever else) to use for upgrades, paying of staff and, developers. While paying the investors small dividends...

    EMC is one of the few businesses both kids and adults enjoy together.
  2. You can make manual payments in any amount on the upgrade page:
  3. EMC itself does not exist as a company, but is owned by Starlis LLC. I'm not familiar with the way everything works in America, but you should be able to purchase shares in Starlis. However, the company is not publicly listed so it would be completely up to Aikar to hand out shares.

    Although it's possible, I very much doubt that Aikar will be doing this anytime soon.
  4. I do not see this happening, sorry.
  5. Correct for 'Murica.

    You would want to contact the company formally, though. Don't just PM him.

    EDIT: To clarify, I am talking only about the legality of it, not whether Aikar would ever want to.
  6. Hey how's that book store coming?
    Can I have a link to your page with what we can buy?
  7. Right I had forgotten that Starlis LLC owns EMC. I would have to go search the page for Starlis which I shall scour for later lol.
  8. I love how players who aren't involved with Starlis at all are sitting here saying that they don't think this will be happening. As far as I know if you aren't Aikar then you really have no basis for knowing what could or couldn't happen. Why not just wait for Aikar to respond to his inquiry?

    Sorry if I seem annoyed, I've just been noticing this sort of behavior a lot lately where players who are in no position of authority on here responding like they are just because they've been playing on here for awhile.
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  9. I make payments and support EMC, my idea takes it one step further.

    You never know. Like all business's ( EMC is a business) there may be a chance to invest.
  10. This is for my curiosity and if anyone wondered but never asked. I play minecraft on the server and always think it the terms of business. How I can buy bulk items and turn and sell them for profit. How I can invest rupees into my res (ex. a mall) and in turn make more rupees.
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  11. I'm thinking about looking further into this, and I'd like to see a staff member of high authority (Aikar, krysyy, Maxarias) reply to this thread just to verify :p if anything, an investment in Starlis LLC would be a great investment considering the gaming community is growing at a very fast rate, and also, after looking at the Starlis LLC home page, realized that Empire Minecraft, which, from what I read; is Starlis' main project, is a growing community with an amazing future and lots of ways to make money :p
  12. Aikat doesnt really need money to "grow" emc or starlis as a company. All he really needs to do is keep on making updates to EMC and try to boost sales (more ads and more supporters). Now if he wanted to use starlis as some kind of major holding company in the video game industry he might need working capital to either buy a video game franchisee or to hire a team of developers to help him create a video game that they could either sell themselves or sell the franchisee to a major company so they can mass produce it and sell it to stores across the world in which theyd sell it.

    For homework do questions 1-51 odd on page 69 in your book "Intro to Business by Sloth McJones" Ill see you tomorrow class.
  13. groans
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  14. If the OP didn't want speculative and opinion based answers, they would have PM'ed/emailed Aikar directly instead of putting it in the "Community Discussion" category.
    Most players like to help each other out. One way of doing this is spreading information and insight. JackBiggin is in no position of authority, yet he is a treasure trove of useful information about EMC and Minecraft servers in general. He is this way because of past experiences. Most new players would never know that, and with your kind of attitude, information and help through experience would never get passed down. Once you have extensively interviewed everyone who has posted on this thread and made sure that they haven't inquired with Aikar about investing in EMC, then you can justify judging people based on their "position of authority" and claim that no one's input has grounds except Aikar's.

    Anyway, my opinion from a position of no authority:
    Aikar stated in the past that he took in EMC because he loves internet communities, and that he wanted to keep EMC afloat, as a sort of project. His focus has always been on keeping the community alive, and while that occasionally means heavy focus on funding, it has still been for the community. I would rather EMC stay community focused (and hopefully netting Aikar some money for Max's shoes). If EMC were open up to investors, then I worry that there would be a chance that Aikar would be forced to focus on the numbers, then the community as a second priority. While EMC is a business, it has been stated before that we try not to have the motivations of the typical business.
  15. Click my signature! It's mail order for now...
  16. Official post:
    Starlis LLC is privately owned. Therefore public shares are not available at this time.

    I will let Aikar expand on this if he wants, but for now ^ that answer stands.

    EDIT: In other news, I now get to wart Aikar for not adding me on the Starlis page since he warted me forever about getting him a picture to use =P
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  17. First off: thank you for posting on this, it helps resolve a lot of conflict in this thread :p Second of all, you said that public shares are not available at this time. Will they ever be avalable in the future?
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  18. That's an Aikar question, though I don't think he has any plans for it any time soon. I just never say never.
  19. Okay :D thank you for informing me
  20. Thank you krysyyjane for the response :) I get its privately owned but one day and if it were a different game it could be offered openly to public investment. My thoughts were this, I figured that having people invest in Starlis it could help costs like maintaining/grow severs while also paying for other developers to help aikar write code thus increasing the time in which new and long awaited updates can be worked. I absolutely enjoy EMC and this was all for my curiosity.