Is it possible to down grade support status?

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  1. Thinking of upgrading to iron or gold supporter but i want to know if its possible to down grade back to a white member after I've upgraded to an iron, gold, or diamond supporter.
  2. Yes it is. Supporter is a monthly payment thing. If you pay for one month you're supporter for a month and when it runs out you become a regular free member again.
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  3. What do you mean? Are you asking if you can subscribe and then delete your benefits instantly?
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  4. I took it as him asking "If I stop paying can I go back to free member?"
  5. thats what i mesn pandaseatraman
  6. Once your month has run out you will go back to a normal member again, but to do so you will have to click the cancel button in the Upgrades tab. this will only stop it from continuing onto the next month, So you will still have your supporter status until your month runs out.
    If you want to go back to member before your month is out PM IceCreamCow.
  7. alright so it is possible to cancel thanks to all who replied.
  8. If you post stuff do you lose money?
  9. How do you become a well known member?
  10. As soon as you upgrade, the option to cancel will be there.
  11. I never undrestood this, if you cancel/loose your membership, do your residences dissapear?
  12. ^
    i heard they do
  13. As far as I've heard no although in the future this might be the case.
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  14. Good, because I know members that DONT pay and they have 2 or 4 residences, its not that fair.
  15. they will louse them later
  16. Nope!
    Get 100 likes.
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  17. I thought it was like 1000 likes. xD
  18. It might have been like that a while ago...
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  19. Probably...
  20. From my experience, I took like 15 days off and I still had both my residences, and I became a white member too.

    I THINK it deletes em if they need them. On that server of course.
    If they have say 5 res open then you will not own that res anymore.
    But if they have say 20 open then you will