Is it legal to use dungeon finder (texture pack) ??

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  1. Is it legal in EMC ???
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  2. No. Its a X-ray texture pack. If you read the guide, you would know that X-ray texture packs aren't allowed.
  3. No, definitely not legal! If a player is caught using any x-ray packs, they will be banned from EMC. And, as a warning, they will be caught sooner or later! Many cheaters who have thought there was no way for us to find out have been banned in the past.
  4. Since we're already on the topic, are we allowed to change the pumpkin face texture to make it easier to see while wearing a pumpkin on your head?
  5. Yes.
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  6. Besides, it's pretty easy to find dungeons without any cheating. Just go out into the wild far enough to get away from most other players, dig down and around until you find an abandoned mine, and explore the abandoned mine until you find a dungeon.

    Always bring plenty of food and torches. I always place torches on the right side so I know I'm going back out if the torches are on my left.
  7. Yes to the pumpkin face texture change.
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  8. ... Genius.
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  9. Thanks, Legit, you're right on the money in this thread.
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  10. Thanks, minimap and waypoints can be useful, too, but in mines or caves I would have too many waypoints and I'd get confused.
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  11. Another way you can tell if someone is using an xray texture pack is that they keep running into things... My friend used one on a different server and almost died about 5 times.
  12. I always wanted to know how do you moderators find out that.
  13. Aikar put cameras in every EMC players' house.
  14. I think it's pretty obvious when someone makes a bunch of zig-zaggy tunnels all over that they are using xray and heading straight for ores. They pretty commonly won't put down torches either. I see it all the time especially when I mine around Spawn.

    I recently had someone mine a bunch of blocks in the floor of a grinder room. I'm guessing they had xray and were mining ores I missed because I couldn't see them and they could.
  15. I never use torches when I mine though so that isnt a clear indicator(I just have my brightness on 100%).
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  16. Im always afraid that i will be banned for using an xray texture, just because i dont use torches. I dont like them, and i play on bright with a high monitor brightness:p
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  17. If I don't plan on going back I don't always either. I still see the two together a lot. An xrayer is just passing through wherever he goes. Someone who is strip mining tunnels will light them up so he doesn't get beat up by mobs.
  18. and this is why the area around spawn looks like crap where ever you go