Is it a joke?

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  1. Well today when i logged on to Empiremiencraft in my residence i saw LOADS of chicken's. I ask who did it and why? And thanks now i have lots of egg's and but anyway it's really annoying so please stop it...
  2. People have been banned for egging moderators reses in the past - not sure if it's been done to people who ban player's reses. If you are an egger then please stop. It's not 'cool' or clever, it's pointless, it causes lag and it's a epest to clear up.

    Chrisdog: the chances of the person who did it admitting to it are slim. All I can say is enjoy the free eggs :)
  3. Name one person who has been banned for this?
  4. I didn't do it i ask WHO egged MY res...
  5. I don't know but I have seen a mod mention it somewhere on the forum.
  6. The same has happend to Minerstro to...
  7. Mods have eggs others lots before. There is also the whole Aprils Fools thing where there was eggs everywhere due to mods.
  8. But thanks for the egg's lol but please don't do it again
  9. People egg lots, if you don't like it, kill all of the chickens.
  10. I did kill them...Well i egged them lol
  11. Off topic, but I have a sudden craving for a bag of chips. :)
  13. Yeah, I was going to get a bag of chips when I was at the store, but I forgot until I got home.
  14. I've never heard of anyone actually getting banned either, but there's Post #32 here:

    I see a lot of inconsistencies with the mods. One will allow block jumping, another won't. One let's a lot of chat misbehavior pass, another kicks people like they're in some sort of competition. I wouldn't be surprised if egging has gotten someone banned before. I also wouldn't be surprised if a mod egged someone.
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