Is copying illegal in Empire minecraft?

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  1. Today i discovered that someone (not naming names) is coping my design.
    First of all is not cool and there are stilling ur hard design
    Second reason : I wanted my building to be unique But when someone copies it is now unique
    Third reason: Is just frustrating if someone copies your idea PERIOD

    I just hope this rule could be added to Empire

    Thx u for reading this (it would be nice if a mod or any staff reply to this post)
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  2. True, it can be very annoying is someone copies something of yours, but take it from their point of view.

    "Oh, I visited this really cool res yesterday. I loved the [insertamazingthinghere] so much that I'm going to use it as inspiration for my res! :D"

    See, this person doesn't mean to copy you, they just love what you've done. They might not think of it as copying, just as adding to an idea. They must love what you've made! :)

    However, if someone directly copies the design of your res then it's a completely different story...
    Also, it can't be illegal, just frowned upon.
  3. No, it's not currently against the rules to copy other players. However it's considered common courtesy to ask before using anyone else design. We just can't simply ban someone for using your idea.

    Sorry man :( Just try think of it as a compliment. That's what I always tell people. :)
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  4. Ninja I have had the same probelm before and I feel the same frustration you do, but unfortunatly like Green has said there is nothintg you can do but say to anyone who you sell you products to to not cpoy my design, but most people do not copy your design when you have asked them.
  5. Same Problem But I Dont Care :p
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  6. Hah thats the attitude I have came to adopt within recent months but I think that most people respect not copying otehr people's ideas.
  7. It also depends a bit on what they exactly copy :) For example if I build a redstone machine which does some awesome thing and they copy it, it wouldn't be a problem. Or if I build a monument from real life its also not a problem as its common things which can be seen in real life. But if for example I build this superhuge villa which takes 60x60 of my res and is like 10 story's high with a huge load of details like painting tables chairs all you can call. Once they copy something like that it would become creepy and I would be mad indeed :)
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  8. I only reverse-engineer redstone devices that intrigue me (and are legal to have in EMC) so I can see how they work and improve on their designs to make them more efficient. I created a linking bridge to connect copies of my friends obsidian machine to increase output and have multiple machines running off of one switch..
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  9. guys thx for all the comments!!!!
  10. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" -Charles Caleb Colton
  11. This should be banned. SephirothWS and I are using the same design but he gave me perms to use it.
    Then about 1 week later, TheSpyPie and 621op also copied without asking Me OR Sephiroth

    I hope this will get banned because alot of people don't like it and if they say no, They go ahead and do it anyway
  12. It;s how i feel on smp8. Everyone copied my casino game. But i still have the most famous casino cause mine is the original.

    think of it this way: They copied but theirs isn't the original.
  13. You make an good point DOTD but there still copying, and copying shouldn't be allowed on EMC.
  14. My debate thread went over all this. Even if we made the ridiculous step as to make 'copying' a bannable offense, how would we enforce it? "oh this is my idea" "no it's mine"
    What about the person who makes a box out of wood? So anyone else who makes a box-shaped wooden house is now banned? It's highly impractical, and you should take delight in the fact that someone else really liked something you made.
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  15. Then make them give you credit. or ask them to.

    Kevster gave me credit for his casino, but i never asked him to :)
  16. Ok, and only if your design is Unique. If its a wooden box it doesn't really matter.
  17. There's already been multiple "he's copying me" threads. You sir are are in violation of duplicating a thread.
  18. This can't and won't ever be a rule. Everything is a copy of something in some way. There's literally no way we would ever be able to enforce this. Each "complaint" we would have to scour the entire internet to make sure the original creator didnt "borrow" his design from anywhere on the internet. It's simply not practical. Just use the idea that someone saw something you were building, thought the idea was cool and also wanted to do it. Justin surely didn't build the first Pyramid in all of Minecraft, should we ban him? Haha.
  19. As I was touring SMP4 (my res server), I was walking around and touring different places when I came upon a house that took many of my ideas. I stopped inside, and felt a sincere form of flattery...I personally don't find my creations amazing or great, but obviously someone did enough to try and recreate it.

    I didn't mind at all...It's just a game after all, and I'm glad I could inspire someone. :)
  20. By that arguement everyone whom watches tutorial videos for mob farms or other structures should be banned from EMC, because that is a form of copying.