Is anyone else getting this?!

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  1. That one at the top seems to be just EMC, but it wasn't happening when I was here on a different laptop...
    Also, Im seeing green underlined text with adverts on them and I click pretty much anywhere and a new tab with an advert opens (broken pictures)
    Is this happening to anyone else or do I have a virus?! D:
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  2. I had this problem a while back, and while I don't think it is a virus, it sure is annoying (the underline text ads)
    When you open one up it should have a name on it (not the ad but the software it's provided by or whatnot) what you need to do is open up your my computer folder area and search for whatever that was called, delete it and clear your recycle bin. If it's what I think it is then that should help
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  3. I get this every once in awhile, for me I just refresh and it fixes, I don't believe it is a virus. So I wouldn't worry :)
  4. The big one at the top is a virus, thanks for nothing McAfee
    I used Adwcleaner and it all seems to be cleared up now

    Ugh, I do not recommend McAfee
  5. mcafee and norton both give you viruses and a whole mess of adware.

    download malewarebyte free and avast/avg pro if you can swing it
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  6. Somehow I doubt they 'give' you the viruses. More like don't prevent them
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  7. More like "bloatware" and other unnecessary crap. They're not viruses, but they do bog down a machine and hog resources / drivespace.
  8. Built in windows defender ftw

    Based on the little ad block icon in the top right corner, I would guess you shouldn't be seeing any ads. It could be that adblock is messing something up and not completely blocking everything.
  9. she probly has adblock off for emc like i do
  10. I have adblock on for EMC, I'll turn it off though, I keep forgetting haha
    Yeah, I found that yesterday >.<
    In progress of fully removing it now u.u