Iron Golems in Town!!!

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Should Justin remove this?

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  1. So I went to a friends res and I found Iron Golems on the sandstone path between residences, and I was like WTF Y U NO DESPAWN LIEK NORMAL (idiot spelling for a reason ;)) So we found out that they were actually passive spawning Iron Golems that were spawning because pinkheart8 had something like 30 villagers trapped in his res on a tiny piece of land View attachment 2022 2012-03-25_19.24.43.png View attachment 2022 2012-03-25_19.24.46.png
  2. Well thats pretty cool, how'd u get it in there?
  3. just lead it back to the res somehow and kill it
    loljk. No need for egging any innocent iron golems. (cuz u can't.) Plus you can just craft them, anyways.
  5. If you try to spawn an iron golem via placing iron and pumpkin, it'll despawn immediately, similar to snow golem. They are able to spawn in town because of the presence of villagers. Not sure if this is according to plan though.
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  6. new idea: modify their ai to attack anyone who tries to build where they arent allowed, and have them patrol the streets of EMC
  7. Except you can't die in town. :(
    EDIT: Well, you can, but it's quite difficult.
  8. you can kill them anywhere,doesnt need to be on your res.i had a few of these spawn before and i didnt really care to mention it because i thought justin wouldv'e known about it.
  9. cant die, but you can be thrown into the air XD
  10. The Iron Golems, will spawn around a res where there are villagers, you cannot eggyfiy them, but you can kill them to receive the 5 iron bars. As they cannot harm you or interfere with anything I had to cast no, because it adds a little surprise and a smile when you find one :)
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  11. i have been trying to spawn golems naturally for days now. i cant find a way that works! every farm i have tried is useless.
  12. Its down to a little luck i think. I have had a massive Villager village, now two together, and it can be days before i see one sometimes it can be a week.
  13. make a small room, maybe 3x3 or 3x4, put one door in it, and dirt on the inside so the villagers cant open it, and add 30 villagers to it, i believe 30 is the threshold needed to naturally spawn the golems
  14. i have like 30 doors, 96 villagers, beds wood torches everything. its pretty frustrating sometimes!
  15. Somehow this smells like bug exploiting to me...
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  16. Somehow, it smells like Minecraft being Minecraft. ;)
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  17. somehow, u can smell bug exploiting... :p
  18. this isnt a bug, it was a bug before they made it a requirement to have 21+ doors, but now its not. if it were a bug, it would register as an entity error in the Empire logs. we are allowed to use our resources to create more resources. now a real bug is the one that somehow turns redstone into obsidian when water is near it, instead of the normal cobblestone!
  19. no mobs are suppose to be in Town.. I dont know why you would want an iron golem it is a waste of iron cause they can do nothing
  20. Why? Be ause they make iron a renewable resource.
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