Iron Golems In Town

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  1. I love Iron Golems. Iron Golems are great. Personally, I would love to use the as a beautifier in my plot.
    But they're not allowed. I don't know why, but I have two theories:
    1. They don't want iron farms on the residences.
    2. The mobs can turn aggressive.
    Both of these problems can be easily solved. You can stop golems from spawning, but still be able to create them, and you can turn off aggression.
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  2. Oh they spawn in Town already, it's just rare to find/see them in town.
  3. Bug.

    This is a perfectly balanced idea, I fully support it!
  4. It is possible to have iron golems in town...they naturally spawn in villages.
  5. Reason they are not allowed is because I think they are considered Hostile Mobs as long with the Snow Golem
  6. They dont actually, from what I can tell this is just a bug
  7. I fully support this
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  8. Snow golems spawn in town. Look at 2124 on smp1 in the little pumpkin pen
  9. But how do you get them?
  10. Olaf got the snow golems so ask him but you should be able to just make them like in vanilla.
  11. somebody near my res' is making an iron farm already. i saw the familiar tall structure with all the doors on it from this one instructional video i saw about making an iron farm. i bet he certainly knows whats up with iron golems in town. i should try spawning some myself.
  12. If iron golems are spawning in town, this is a bug. The reason iron golems can't spawn in town is that people would make easily accessible iron farms
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  13. so the best thing to do is build iron farms before aikar fixes this bug?
  14. And then have weird floating door boxes on a res when he does? I would vote no
  15. Plz delete this thread. I want iron golem farms in town. D:
  16. Why can't you just make then invinsible and they don't spawn?
  17. Yh I would love iron golems in town.
  18. This is a good idea i support this!
  19. it'd be worth the while.
  20. I say no.
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