Iron golems in town

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  1. Got iron golems, spawning in on one of my res's...

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  2. Can't see the pic.
  3. I think someone else had that issue. That's pretty odd, but hey, you have a friend :D
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  4. Ah well, at least my "enchanted items" are well-guarded now!

  5. Could Golems get Mass-produced now? or it's just really rare..
  6. After a bit of shuffling around, I managed to make a space for him; I had to box him in, to stop other people hitting him.

    Kinda hope I get to keep him now.
  7. Sweet im in a picture
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  8. I've seen this happening around smp1 a bit, it happens when someone has a lot of villagers on the res.
  9. Oops, guess they need to tweak the plugins? But I like how they offer roses to the villagers xD
  10. Suspicious quotation marks
    are suspicious
  11. Iron Golems will automatically spawn in places like NPC villages naturally, provided there are 16 adult Villagers and at least 21 houses (counted as doors). An Iron Golem will also spawn in player-made villages. The chance of spawning is 1 in 7000 per tick - quote from Minecraft Wiki
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  12. Heh, I agree, I use too many scare-quotes. I just put it in quotes because it's what it says on the sign above the portal :)
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