Iron, Gold, Diamond Subscription

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  1. as you can only upgrade every month on iron gold diamond supporter, I was think that maybe you could put a package in like 1 years worth of diamond supporter or iron supporter but make it a bit cheaper if you buy it in a big subscription:))

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  2. This has been suggested before. i dont know if they plan on doing this though :p i like the idea!
  3. Oh has it couldn't find it when I looked but anyway! Thanks!
  4. I like this idea! I think it's awesome!
  5. I think this would an amazing idea

    so lets suggest like some like you buy a sub for diff legnths for each level,

    Iron:lets say you make iron have quarterly "3 months sub max" lets face it people normaly start with irona and wanna upgrade soon after. with lets say 2% discount

    Gold: Quarterlyy and semi-annual "3 months with a 2% discount and Six months 4% discount"

    Diamond: Quarterly, semi-annual and yearly ""3 months with a 2% discount and Six months 4% discount and yearly with a 10% discount"

    My reason for suggest the limit on the lower sub is people normaly want to upgrade often and this would require Icecreamcow to go in and figure out how long they had left on the sub blah blah blah and make a bunch more work for him for the player to upgrade.

    And a big winner for me would be a "NO REFUND" policy to prevent people from getting the prolonged sub's and then going opps i dont want it any more after few months. You pay for it you have it no exceptions

    -Again this is my opinion

    But most likely i dont see this happening for the reason you can just do monthly and they have yet to have any major issue with this as is. Since its up to the player to control to either sub or not and when to cancel it
  6. This has been suggested. I know a long time ago when this was brought up to Justin before his reasoning was 'We do not want to make any extremely long term commitments to keep EMC up past its due'. Example - Say Deathtomb here buys a year subscription right now, but, minecraft is no longer fun to anyone, including himself, after say... 9 months. Now, EMC has to keep its servers up for at least a guaranteed 3 more months even if no one else has a subscription, or plays here. Honestly, it makes sense. Not saying it will not be an option, but I know before, this was the reason we did not. Not that we do not believe EMC will not be around for many years to come, but its more about, how do we protect ourselves come the time that it is over?
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  7. Smooch's point aside, I've seen somewhere that ICC has occasionally accepted manual payments for a year-long membership so if it would be that important to you I'm sure you could still contact him. :)