Iron Farms - Time to brag!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BushySpecialK, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Alright guys, lets see em! Who has the best Iron farm on EMC? I want to see them all!
  2. Describe best ? speed , amount or iron / hour ? , amount of lag ? :eek: Size ?
  3. All of thos factors means it's the best XD best simply means how much iron an hour
  4. Ok, nah then im loseing. besides you need to be around it to :D
  5. Actually, I suppose it comes down to the amount of actively producing villages. No village will produce iron faster than another.
  6. Yeah, but to much villagers where i have it create other problems. i have limited mine around 20. it generate enough for the things i need it for. (far below enough for building with it)
  7. I had one on SMP4 somewhere. I wonder if it's still standing xD
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  8. The one and only, The #Chicken with one ear ;)
  9. I think that Tzgiles made a fantastic one on SMP 3. I do not know the rate of iron an hour (cause I don't just hang around there that long), but he has around 12 spawning pads set up. It is very good for my needs, and it's public.
  10. BrenJone and I use a 21 cell farm. I haven't used it in a while so I don't know its rate, but I believe it can get about a DC every 2-3 hours