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  1. No this isn't a rant about banning them :D
    But can someone please tell/sell me the coords for the smp3 Iron Farm please? I would be really pleased :)
  2. If we did that, how could we continue our economy destroying monopoly over Iron? :D
  3. Good thing there is only one of you. Don't know if the world could handle two. ;)
  4. you're forgetting about ob1bob69
  5. Shame on him for forgetting...
  6. Joke?

    Anyways why do you not want to sell it to me :) Its not like Im gonna exploit it in anyway, I dont pay $20 a month to grief :D
  7. Lies, I have no Iron Farm. I have a golem petting zoo though. ;)
  8. Thats just random spam. If you read the top part he even say's its not a rant/to ban them, just he wants to buy one.

    That just happen to get killed and drop loads of iron
  9. Yes, :( Please don't call PETA. I am trying to get them all vacinated against the terrible virus running rampid on my farm. I just can't get that pesky lava vaccine to work? Think of of the children man, don't get me shut down here. I mean, sure, they leave thier little Iron droppings around the place but we try to keep it cleaned up the best we can.
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  10. Because they know bringing another person out will give them less time to use it plus it's just not worth the risk.
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  11. Plus what you don't know, you can't tell your friends(or their friends, or their friend's friends, or...) about.
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  12. Its okay, I have one with a bunch of people on Utopia :D
  13. So someone ended up giving you coordinates?
  14. LOL i just though you were JCplugs :p Nfell??? why you be girly pic and lol i just was like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! i wanna keep them :D
  15. LOL I thought you were jade!

    That picture..
  16. Sort of, and I found the one on smp3 using the live map :D
  17. -.- that's… kinda low... Why didn't you just make one your self instead of going to some one else's?
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  18. That seems like a popular thing to do now. Look at Live map to find someone else's party and go crash it.

    What happens when the people who actually put the effort into researching these things and building them stop, or leave out of frustration?

    Seeing something on Live map isn't an invitation by the owner to go visit. Nor is a friend giving you the coordinates of a "place he knows about".
  19. Me and my friends work so hard to hide all of are "farms" in live map, i would be extremely frustrated if someone were to gate crash all are work, and yes pab is right, i would never go to someone elses place and exploit it without asking.
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