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  1. Hello I am looking for someone that can build a good and well working Iron farm. I can give you everything you need to build it I just need you to make it work right. If u can build 1 pm me the price and Ill talk about where to have it.
  2. Should you want someone to build you the standard "pod"/"docm" design (reliable and easy to expand), here's a checklist of what you'll need, based from my own experience:

    Ex: with cobblestone as main material, each 20x20 pod will require about:

    38-39 stacks of cobblestone (or any other material of your choice)
    72 tree trunk blocks ( to make 48 doors)
    3-4 stacks of dirt (helps a lot during build, especially at high altitudes)
    2-4 stacks of torches (4 if you're building in a snowy place, to keep water from freezing)
    2 water buckets

    28/09 EDIT: and villagers of course! Ideally 8 (2 per cubicle) per pod

    To build up, you'll need to gather about 22 tree trunk blocks to make ladders (because gravity)

    And all this doesn't take in account the trench and gathering point.
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  3. If you join Le Edeen Dur, (link in description), we are planning to build one.
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  4. What gravity? XD
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  5. I am currently making one on SMP2. If you want, you can help/give resources.
  6. will this be public?
  7. I'll try... So far only an outline of what I'm building... Running low on wood, so I'll probably need to go back and get some. Might be able to get 4 cells done in the next 2-4 weeks.