Iron farm Builder at your service!

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  1. Jealous of those people that have all those iron farms? Well erase that jealousy now! Hi, redwing2000 here, and I will build one for you at an affordable price! Prices and information below:

    Single Cell iron farm
    Produces 32-64 ingots per hour
    2,000r you supply
    3,000r I supply

    Double Cell iron farm
    Produces 64-128 ingots per hour
    6,000r you supply
    7,500r I supply

    Quad Cell iron farm
    Produces 128-192 ingots per hour
    14,000r you supply
    17,500r I supply

    Travel Fee: First 2k free, every 500 blocks more costs 250r more
    In nether, first 1k free, every 250 blocks more costs 500r more

    Do not order here, PM for details

    Will do all except utopia, smp2,5, and 7
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  2. Why not 7 :(
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  3. Nice service :)
  4. Sounds nice I have a 1 celled farm I need help making a kill spot and 1 more cell you think you can help?

    It's on smp4
  5. I will gratefully have on of the 1 cell farms for 3k thank you

  6. What does it mean by I supply u supply?
  7. I supply the materials or you supply the materials :)
  8. So can u build a kill spot and 1 more cell for me I will pay 3,500r
  9. What's an iron farm??
  10. MAGNETO! Your back? It's a farm which makes iron golems spawn by tricking them that it's a village with doors and villages. :)
  11. you still building them ?