Iron and Gold farms work!

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  1. On the yellow text it says
    • Iron Golems/Zombie Pigmen now drop items on normal kills
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  2. welp. now its up to aikar to fix the bug again.
  3. Meh, doesn't matter. Aikar will fix them (in an AFK rule way) since the Mojang team can't seem to get the guts to do so. :)
  4. Am I the only one who feels kind of indifferent on it either way?
    I mean, yeah I have iron and gold farms, but I don't really care too much if they get nerfed or not, I'll survive...
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  5. They should of stuck with it. Ugh
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  6. A tweet from _grum
    _grum: Ha! Villages are fixed. Silly bug not adding doors to the closest village.
    Poppacally: will this break iron farms? *sigh* killing automation of tasks
    _grum: No, it will change them a little bit though.
    _grum: well little enough to make them practically pointless.
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  7. They better fix it because I will have bought a DC of iron blocks for nothing :p
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  8. I got a single chest of iron blocks xD looks like i wont have to worry about iron for awhile.
    The iron foundry will die in 1.8. Dunno about other farms
    R.I.P Iron foundry 2013-2014.
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  9. Many people in the Minecraft community has argued over Mojang removing automation because of game balance. Others said that removing all automated mob farming would make the game experience for everyone else worse on a server. This is because all non-automated mob farms rely on building up many mobs at once. Of course, with so many entities to process at one time, it can cause lag for everyone on the server.
    I believe that Mojang removed automated villager breeding because it can cause a server to crash easier. Even though a village has a population limit, people have designed breeding machines that endlessly produce villagers.
    There was a time for the Mindcrackers when a villager breeder had over produced villagers. I'm guessing that the developers of Mojang don't want an issue like this to happen again.

    But remember, Minecraft is a sandbox game. Players are supposed to have the freedom to build whatever they want. Making restrictions on a game of creativity just makes it worse. We don't have to build farms for resources, but it seems that others have influenced our routes.
  10. More like RIP Mumbo Jumbo who spent so much time building it on Hermit :p
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  11. Ya know, iron farms and gold farms weren't broken before... just like I've been trying to tell everyone... they would just need to give up their precious afking... ok, fine, go celebrate. I'll just wait here rolling my eyes. :p
  12. With iron farms how Jeb originally had them, it would be a waste to afk on EMC since you'd hit the entcount fairly shortly.
  13. ... I'll be interested to see what happens.

    It's entirely possible I will be getting MORE iron from my iron farms with these changes.

    And why exactly does this mean death to the iron foundry? As far as I can tell it still works.
  14. Some veterans who have iron farms afking will have up to 20 DC's of iron blocks stored, so it really doesn't matter.
  15. Iron farms are OP. I know people keep stating that it is an "end game" thing but for multiplayer, it should be different.
    New players constantly join EMC each day and they are just "beginning" the game, so to speak. They want to start up a shop and sell stuff they can get easily, like Iron! But wait, they cannot because people are already at the "end game" phase and they are making iron like there is no tomorrow.

    I would really like to see Iron farms nerfed or removed from EMC.
  16. Well this sucks.
    I agree with sky, get rid of EVERY SINGLE STUPID IRON FARM
  17. The one thing that concerns me, is if Iron farms ARE broken come 1.8 (which they may, if the way villagers and golem spawning change). Having to manually kill golems isn't so bad, can still earn a heap of iron.

    But if we loose golems as a source of iron all together. That means iron becomes expensive again.And in turn, many other resources will also rise in a price. Let me try and explain:

    There are a heap of craft able items that require iron. And many of these items we use a heap of in many different things, from entertainment, to farms, to cosmetic decoration, to tools for other jobs, even anvils to repair other tools. Iron is absolutely an essential item in every aspect of the game. And we consume a lot of it constantly, all the time.

    If the only source of iron will be mining, or trading from villagers, the price on iron will rocket up! Not just to a comparable price with other minable materials. It'll be more in demand than Diamonds (though the price won't go as high as diamonds I'm guessing).

    And high iron price will make everything crafted from iron high in price also. It'll make building anything related to iron, much harder. Hence, people won't bother. It will lead to a slide back towards a primitive minecraft culture. Gone are the many fancy automations/collections of farms, gone are the rails to transport people places. Gone are the abundance of repair anvils for tools. OK, so not completely gone, but much reduced!

    The price on many resources, both farmable, and minable will increase, due the a reduction in supply, and increase in cost of repairing/making tools, and cost of transport and storage.

    This will be like going from the 'iron age', the industrial age, back into the feudal age. :)

    Basicaly. Iron farms have allowed many great advancements in farming, transport, and other areas of minecraft life. Due to it being abundant and cheap, everyone has had easy access to iron for anything they need. EG. Cheap anvils means easy repair of your diamond pick, to mine another 1.5 DC's of stone/cobble.

    Does that make sense?