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  1. Ok for some reason Mum just banned minecraft. Now this isn't going to stop me playing it. It just means that I will find it harder to find time when I can play. This will only really affect players who are involved in my stuff a lot in game, but just giving everyone a heads up.
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  2. What kind of parent bans a CHILD from Minecraft? D:
    you just can't do that to poor innocent children.
    Hope you work things out ;)
  3. My parents tell me I need a life sometimes, but I'll only get one when I figure out what that word means.
  4. Hm, I think playing it secretly is definitely not a good thing to do. It will only make her hate it more.
    But have you talked with her about it? What was her problem?
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  5. They better... Lol
    Ha lol
    They're busy a lot, I usually have time, just makes it a little harder. The problem is that my brothers play too much. Crazy aye! And there's no reasoning with my Mum. Trust me. :/
  6. As said above, playing "secretly" may lead her to hate the game even more :eek: Hope you get things worked out, enjoy your time in *shivers* real life...
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  7. Well, this is a sticky situation. I hope it works out for you! :p May take a bit of time but hopefully she understands and lets you play more eventually...
  8. I was going to react, but figured it would perhaps be better to leave you alone and let you figure it out yourself :)
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  9. I agree with 607 :p
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  10. This happend to me once