IRC Just 'Coz Event - Hosted by Brickstrike

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by brickstrike, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I am doing another giveaway on the IRC channel. This is just because I am able to tomorrow. Rules and Details are below as listed.
    Join #EMC on IRC.ESPER.NET

    (direct link:

    1. You MUST Listen to anything that I or the staff say in the IRC.

    2. I have the ability to close/cancel the event at any time if I do not get cooperation.

    3. Do not change your nickname several times during the event or impersonate anyone, not only can I not figure out who to give money to, but it's just inappropriate. So, when you join the IRC for the event tomorrow, have your nickname be your IGN.

    4. No spamming /me

    5. You must follow all EMC rules and guidelines.

    6. I will add more rules as I see fit.
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  2. Link isn't working for me :/
  3. is the IRC server for IRC clients. For connecting via the web, just use :)
  4. I'll be there again :p
    Hopefully it doesn't have to close like it did last time :(
  5. I can't be there because it's like 1AM for me :( and i have school next day
  6. Oh.. I've just realized it's 1am for me as well...
    Unless you can make it at least 5 hours earlier I won't be able to make it
    Sorry Brick, hope you have fun anyway! :p

    EDIT: Oh, its 11am
    So about 3 hours should make it fine, if possible
    But still -u-'
  7. It's TOMORROW!
    lol :p
  8. It's still about midnight :confused:
  9. Something came up, and I have to reschedule for Sunday morning/afternoon depending where you live.
    So, the information on the OP is incorrect now, and I will be filling in the correct information as I give out updates :p