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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by brickstrike, Aug 27, 2013.

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    It was canceled, another one will be held later this week, but there will be some rules and punishments (ie cancel giveaway)
    (timezone hour converter:

    Hey guys, I am doing another giveaway on the IRC channel. This is for Labor Day. You must listen follow all rules of EMC there, so I shouldn't have remind you of the rules. My account is "brickstrike" (without the quotation marks) so if you do see me talking, make sure to listen, if it is a question. The event is over after 11440 of my rupees are given away + RANDOM ASSORTED EMC SPECIALS. If I do happen to receive donations of rupees or the list below, I will also give those away. This starts today. I will pay the prizes using _xX_Brick_Xx_

    Join #EMC on IRC.ESPER.NET

    (direct link:


    If you have a donation, please pay "_xX_Brick_Xx_" in game. If you want to give me an item, I will have a hopper thing set up at my first res. Only valuable items such as enchanted tools, emc items, and heads, will be given away, so if it's not, please don't give it to me.

    Donation list:
    Darksuperlord - 1 labor bench, 1 darksuperlord head. + 2140 rupees :D
    wisepsn - 4300 rupees :p
  2. How do i type lol
  3. in the bar thingy lol >_>
  4. Why this front page?
  5. like everyone is there, lol, aikar and other staff
  6. I asked for it to be, just something we could do before shool starts for me ;)
    lol ikr :p
  7. Jack's in charge now, Some very important family business just came up. He should have all the money to pay you guys, so bug him about it >.>
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  8. School already started for me, and it's fun! How to enter the giveaway? I'm feeling kinda brainless not knowing what the IRC channel is. :confused:
  9. I missed it :(
  10. Seriously, I think I missed it to, but what's the use, I always lose every single giveaway I enter. Nobody ever picks 42 or the number I chose! But it's 1 out of 100 who wins, so... it's okay. :)
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  11. Thank You all for attending, sorry for not being able to host it completely, my grandfather had to be rushed to the hospital... ;/
  12. Doctors unsure right now, may just be badly bruised or the cartilage in his upper arm might have gotten split. Hopefully the first. EDIT: He somehow fell on his arm on the way down... Luckily not his back... A bit, strange though ;/
  13. Bump, starting to think I should just be doing this weekly or something :confused: :p Maybe I'll have it be a replacement for mob arena sometimes. hehehe :p

    Huge update:
    Now accepting donations, read OP for details.
  14. Bump, I need donations to actually hold the events, it helps future events too, not just one.
    If you have donated cash, please say so in this thread, and I will add you to a list of donaters :p
    Otherwise, only about 5k and 2 items will be given out.
    Also, the item drop off is at my first res on smp 1. Please only give the items as stated there. Thanks :D
  15. Er mah gerd my best friend is on the front page! Yis lol
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  16. I will be on today for the drop party.
  17. It's not a drop party, lol :p It's an IRC giveaway. Whatever items I collected will be given away, so all you have to do is show up ;)

    To make sure this is clear: Whoever answers my questions gets rupee prizes. I will also be having an intermission where whoever says the best story, they get an EMC item, while the extra items are just given away at other questions.
    Sorry it that was unclear before >.<
  18. oh derp lol
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