iPad 3 crashing HELP!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Highbuddy, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    i have firmware 5.1.1 but it just keep crashing at boot logo, it won't go to the lockscreen :( Help! it doesn't recognize it at itunes...
  2. Throw it from the balcony of your flat, film it and post it on YouTube.
    Sorry, but I can't help.
  3. thats why
  4. Return it to the apple store, play dumb and act like a dumb kid THEY are more embarrassed to say its jail-broken sir that you are for taking it in.

    THEY will replace or fix it.

    Then get home LEARN your lesson that risking a $500 device for the sake of not paying for a $2.50 Application is Stupidity.
  5. LOL...
  6. Apple found out and bricked your iPad, enjoy your paperweight, because it's not getting fixed. Try scamming someone on eBay? Just put iPad 3, don't have a return policy, don't state it's condition, don't claim it functions.
  7. Since when is there an ipad 3 now :S
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  8. They won't fix or replace a ipad there is jailbreaket

    warranty dosnt help with Jailbraket apple devices :)

    @Highbuddy If you can't get it fixed just get it down to a phone repair place or something, apple wont help with jailbreaket stuff
  9. wipe the memory and say it came like that
  10. I thought it was: 'The new iPad' :p
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  11. Get this UBER HUGGGEEE MAGNET and swipe it a few times.

    Hope I helped.
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  12. Lol. I actually did that to my iTouch, and they replaced it. No kidding.
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  13. People aren't always, well competent. For example, I went to sell am iPod Touch I got from a promotion from my cable, internet, and phone company, and the GameStop said, "We do not buy iPods with any engraving" and this one had the Optimum logo engraved on it, then they bought it anyway. On a more related note, I heard that many Apple workers are VERY incompetent.
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  14. UP just let mine run out of power and that fixed it
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  15. Looks like it is related to the folders/files permissions.

    Try to put it into dfu, and try to restore it.If it fails to get your ipad working again,you're screwed.
  16. Yep, warranty is voided once you jailbreak your iPad.

    1. Are you using the correct jailbreak tool, suitable for your iPad? I suggest you research.
    2. I used to have an iPad 2 a while ago and I think holding the power button and menu button down until it force reboots fixes it. I think the iPad goes into safe mode once this is done (if it does work) and if it is in safe mode, let me know and I'll try and help you out.
  17. Some of my friends that have Jailbroken things they just let the battery run out.
  18. There is a iPhone5 coming soon
  19. Dont jailbreak in the first place!
    There is a reason its only for applestore employees.
    A hammer + Ipad 3 = PROFIT
  20. Thaaaanks honam!